5 Fashion Thoughts & 4 Life-Saving Outfits!

Okay I’m going to put it out there.

I, Love, Fashion.

Correction. I am entirely obsessed with fashion.

I express myself through what I wear. I follow fashion blogs. I have the Gucci app. In my days as a doctor I got pulled aside and was told I might want to rethink my wardrobe as I was dressing ‘eccentrically.’ I shop online and fill up my shopping trolley with the most delectable items. Lucky for Mark and my bank account, I do not proceed to the check out.

I love to pick out my husband’s preaching outfits. I even make him parade them for me prior to leaving on any preaching arrangements. My favourite thing to do is go to a busy place and admire woman in their different fashionable attire. Not quite as stimulating here in Darwin as it is in Melbourne city, but with Sylvia Majetic in town it sure is getting better! It absolutely rocks my world when I see a well-dressed little old lady rocking it in some vintage pants pulled up high with a stylish linen shirt, oversized clip on earrings, finished off with some bright red lippy! Grandma’s styling and profiling. So much glory.

While I am aware that I sometimes look like a small child dressed in adult clothing, however I am now the ripe old age of 32.  My love for fashion has only grown and in the last decade or so.

I have come to some conclusions:


God loves fashion

I grew up in a conservative church where celebrating what you wore and your physical appearance was considered vanity. It was looked upon as superficial and un-spiritual to even take pride in what you wore and how you looked. Such impoverished thinking. Who do you think created fashion?

Call me delusional but I like to think that Jesus loved fashion. Seriously, remember the soldiers were gambling over Jesus clothes? I don’t think they would have bothered if it was for a crappy brown tunic! I believe it blesses the heart of the Father when we appreciate quality clothing and creativity of designers who pour their heart and souls into cultivating new pieces that celebrate the different shapes and sizes of women. I think He would love it if my husband would take me to fashion week in Sydney this year. Enough said.


It is not vain to put thought into what you are wearing

It becomes vanity when the love of fashion becomes greater than your love for God and for people. Or more commonly, when your self-worth and your self-esteem is dependent upon what you are wearing. I am always aware that whether I am wearing a sack cloth or an opulent Gucci gown, my self-worth is entirely dependent upon my identity in Christ and His opulent love for me, not what I wear or how I look. Remaining grounded in this I have full permission to celebrate what I wear without an ounce of condemnation. For the record, I have never worn a Gucci gown, that was a hypothetical. I was prophesying over myself for the future. Dream with me people!


Be Free

What I think is fashionable for me may not be great for you. Perhaps you do not like oversized white dresses and brightly coloured head scarves. I certainly do! Not everyone wants to walk around in fluoro coloured Kimonos. My African friend Doris with her voluptuous chest and amazing booty makes them look like she just stepped out off a vogue runway. Perhaps you’re not a classy suit kind of girl. I look perfectly ridiculous in that kind of style. However, it sure worked for Jackie Kennedy. My friend Bec can pull off the hippy look complete with messy long hair and look so sexy that it makes me want to pack up and move to Byron Bay. Everyone is different. You are free to be you.

Let’s all stop measuring style in accordance with what our perceived picture of what we class as fashionable.

It’s all about the individual. What you love. What I feel comfortable in. I have had to learn to dress to my little five foot body that lacks any sign of breasts. In fact after a big meal my tummy is bigger than my cleavage. I have to dress with this in mind. Especially after a buffet dinner. I give you permission to be you. Wear what you love. Wear what fits your body.


Don’t pretend

If you are completely uninterested in what you wear then that is so absolutely okay. One of my best friends is so completely uninterested in fashion. In fact clothing to her is as boring as animal documentaries are to me. She expresses her creativity in other ways. Amazing! I’m sure her bank account and her husband are grateful. If that’s you, there is so much freedom to just be yourself. Do not be intimidated or feel the urge to compare or conform. Wear t-shirts and shorts every day for the rest of your life if you want to. You are free to be true to your passions and creative outlets. If that’s not fashion then so be it.


Money / Quality over Quantity.

I get it. Seriously. Two months ago I quit my job and started a business. I understand the money thing. You don’t always have to spend large amounts of money for quality clothes. Some of my favourite pieces. For example, my oversized white dress was 20 dollars from the red cross shop. Here in Darwin. It cost 20 dollars to take it up. I wear this every week and always get compliments! I take great pleasure in announcing loudly where it is from. Sometimes, however you may want to spend some money for quality. For me I don’t spend what I don’t have. It is not wisdom to buy clothes on a credit card. Save your pennies. Some of my pieces I have saved up for months! I have an oversized jacket which cost upwards of $400. I loved it the moment I saw it. So I went home and slowly put money on it every now and then when I could. It took me months to buy. When I finally got to take it home I loved it so much I just stared at it in its plastic for weeks before I wore it. Now I wear it all the time. I will have it the rest of my life. If you love something enough to save for it, you will value it all the more when you get it.

It is not a sin to pay for excellence! Just be patient. Put 20 dollars aside a week and save for something you know you love and want.  Wait and pay 100 dollars for a quality shirt that you will appreciate rather than a 10 dollar shirt of fast fashion that you don’t need anyway.


Four life-saving outfits every girl should own

I want to leave you with four outfits that I have in my wardrobe that have saved my life time and time again. Be on the lookout for these four pieces if you don’t already have them in your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to pay for quality as you will wear them over and over.


1. Buy a long loose black dress.

These are timeless. I have this fabulous loose black dress that I bought second hand from West End Markets 6 years ago. It is loose and glorious. I dress it down and wear it with sandals. I dress it up with heels, earrings and a huge headscarf and go out. It is my go to if I am bloated or constipated but still want to look a little stylish. Invest in a long black dress that you love. Take your time. You will not regret this. I think I may be buried in mine.

























2. Get yourself a fabulous oversized T-shirt Dress.

I wish someone told me about this five years ago! I love my oversized T shirt dress. Seriously I have worn mine to job interviews with a belt, studying without a bra, and out to dinner with some heels. Mine is a neutral grey, so I can dress it up with earrings and bright accessorises if I so feel the desire. This is a must have. Get into the oversized t-shirts girls. They match all the different estrogen filled emotions, perfect for a variety of occasions, and they look fabulous.



3. Buy an Oversized white t-shirt and Loose Denim Shorts.

Oh my goodness I love this look. I saw this on my friend Biarnca the fashion Guru and loved it so much, I went home and stole one of Mark’s white button up T shirts. I rocked it. It is perfect for a casual look where you can still look effortlessly stylish. Invest in a pair of denim shorts that you adore and find a few oversized white t-shirts at your local second hand shop.




4. Get a onesie.

You might be believing a lie that you are not a onesie kind of person. Seriously if you don’t own a onesie, you are missing out. They are fabulous. They are for all bodies, shapes and sizes. I’m telling you they are universal. Dressed up or down they are always in style and so perfectly comfortable. I wear mine ALL the time. The only downside is that you have to become completely nude to go to the toilet. That is however the only letdown. What’s a little inconvenience in the name of fashion, right? Plus I hear they are now making onesies with a zip in just the right place. Genius. Now you can be comfortable. Look fabulous. And take one second to be ready to wee. Sheer Brilliance.



Final words

So there you go. Fashion tips from the little brown girl who looks like a small child and just quit her job as a doctor. Talk about qualified.

If you love fashion embrace it. Get creative. Look fabulous. Appreciate it in one another. Celebrate it on each other.

It warms the Father’s heart and it sure warms mine.


You’re deeply loved and richly cherished


Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

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2 thoughts on “5 Fashion Thoughts & 4 Life-Saving Outfits!

  1. Rachel says:

    From the girl whose husband has to take her to a department store and say “we are not leaving until you buy something” thank you.

    1. Christine says:

      Haha Rachel! Love you…. XO

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