Uber Adventures – Part 1 – Chemist chaos

Uber Glory, Uber Fun

For those of you who don’t know I work away nearly two weeks of every month. One of the greatest joys I have when I do this is catching Ubers. My goodness I don’t think I have met as many interesting people as I have since I started taking Ubers! It is usually one of the highlights of my days. Sometimes I have the most incredible encounters where I get to shower strangers with the Father’s love. Other times, I just ask inquisitive questions and meet the most inspiring people. And then there are the times I feel so antisocial it is an effort for me to remain courteous. I always do though, even if it is just so I can maintain my five star ratings. Either way it is an absolute bundle of fun and entertainment. A genuine highlight of my fortnights away.

I thought it would be fun for you to all experience my uber rides with me and meet my Uber drivers who are from all around the world. It is truly fascinating to hear what people from all walks of life do. And uber drivers are often the most fascinating of them all. From business men, to part time stay at home dads, to entrepreneurs to semi-retirees, they will fascinate and inspire you. Just like they have inspired me.

It’s going to be a glorious ride.


Perth – Thursday – Chemist Warehouse to my Accommodation

This afternoon I had taken a little adventure after work to try and find the Chemist Warehouse. I buy my favourite protein bars and balls which keen me going at work when we don’t get a proper break. They are also very travel friendly.  For those of you who don’t know the Chemist Warehouse is the world’s best kept secret. Seriously you can buy everything at chemist warehouse. From perfumes, to nose hair trimmers, to every vitamin known to man, to new-fangled umbrellas that change colours in the rain. This is a place that you can do some damage to your bank account. I always go in to get my favourite bars and come out with the most ridiculous selection of ‘useful’ things which seemed like a great idea at the time.

It is basically Aldi’s except here you can also buy Valium

Anyway, this particular trip I had come off a huge day at work. Put ‘Chemist Warehouse’ into my maps and set off a big walking adventure. Usually, Shelly from my maps app, is efficient and rarely fails me. However today for whatever reason, I got on the most sub-optimal route. I started off admiring the flowers and the bright green landscapes, smiling at the passer buyers. After walking around in what I was sure was the worst and longest route, I was hot, bothered and exhausted, and I knew two things for sure. The chemist had better have the protein bars which I went there for, And I was most definitely taking an Uber home.

After manoeuvring myself about the Chemist Warehouse, in which I only marginally refrained from buying the new Gwen Stefani perfume, and the umbrella which changed colour in the rain, I clutched my purchases and ordered an Uber as I waited at the checkout.

My Uber driver was a quiet young Indonesian man. He spoke with a strong Australian Accent. You know that moment where you expect an Asian accent but your greeted with an Aussie accent stronger than a Logan Local. You all know what I’m talking about if you’re from Brisbane. There seems to be forks in the road in these situations. I can either engage in conversation, or I can be retreat and be quiet and demure. Neither is wrong. Just depends on the leading of the Holy Spirit and my mood at the time.

I asked my young Indonesian driver about himself. If he had another job and what it involved. I learned that he was starting up his own business of Indonesian street food. He had bought a massive warehouse just recently and had spent the year and every cent of his savings, along with his parents, investing in his dream.

As I gently probed and asked him questions I learned that he was experiencing sleepless nights due to anxiety over the building project and fear that the building would not be approved by the other business in the block who could vote no to his plans. He had started to suffer for the last few months from insomnia. He told me how he was starting to use alcohol to sleep and for the first time feared becoming addicted to drink.

I guess it is easy in some ways to bare your soul to a stranger. Especially a non-threatening small brown one with a bag full of chemist warehouse protein bars, a strange brush and a big bag of caramel lollies.

Even so, I felt so privileged that he opened up his heart to me. I got to share with him how the dreams on his heart were put there by the Lord. I shared with him how he has destiny and how he could give his burdens to the Father. I shared how the Father who gave him these dreams also had a plan to prosper and not to harm him. Without asking I put my hand on his shoulder and prayed for him asking Jesus to shower him with tangible peace and rest. I prayed that that night he would sleep and that the Lord would fill him with rest. He was tangibly undone. I am not one to exaggerate but I could feel the peace and joy of the Father fill the taxi and he was literally beaming by the time he pulled up outside my house.

I was a “very nice spiritual lady” according to this beautiful Indonesian man, who showed him the Love and heart of the Father who was clearly relentlessly pursuing him.

While I didn’t get to lead him to Jesus got to sow a seed. Who knows what would happen in his bed that night as his heart was alert and open to the Lord. Soon the Father will send someone else to water that seed and to plant a few more. It will be only a matter of time before someone gets to lead him to Jesus.

I am reminded today of the love of the Father who is jealous to use anyway to show His children his love and draw them back to themselves.


Friday – Driving Mrs Strop 

To abruptly change pace, I promised to be honest right? I am in an Uber back from Coles, lollies and ‘laughing cow’ cheese in tow. I really hope that my Uber driver doesn’t want to talk because I sure don’t want to talk to him. A week full of endless talking and presentations in my job makes me want to retreat into my little turtle shell and not talk to strangers, or humans in general. And So I didn’t.

I didn’t jump on any opportunity. Even if the Holy Spirit was prompting me I am not sure I was going to listen.

I was however kind and courteous. Not because I am a Christian but because I don’t want to lose my five star Uber rating. 

That is all.


Until next time!

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

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4 thoughts on “Uber Adventures – Part 1 – Chemist chaos

  1. Deborah Cook says:

    Funny as my girl. Love the way you write. You could turn this series into a book.

    1. Christine says:

      Deborah you are a delight!

  2. Steph says:

    So happy to hear ur writing again!! I feel like ur talking to me when I read ur words! Glad u back on the blogs:) lots of love from Darwin ❤️✌🏼🙏🏼

    1. Christine says:

      My love how I miss you 🙁

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