Uber Adventures – Part 2 – Singapore Sling

Monday Afternoon – Still in Perth – An Uber home from work

I hid in the back seat, praying that my work partner would continue to carry the conversation with our driver. Then I remembered that it was her passenger ratings which would be influenced by any rude antisocial behaviour on my part and not mine, hence I gave one word answers and hoped that perhaps he mistook my lack of conversation as a language barrier due to my brownness. Not my ratings being influenced anyway.

My attitude goes uphill from here I promise


Tuesday Morning – Uber home from the gym

On this particular morning, I didn’t feel like running the short distance home from the gym to my accommodation, as it was a particularly cold and rainy Perth morning. This was a blessing in disguise as my Uber driver happened to be a gorgeous African American.

There is something so lovable and admirable about African Americans. They seem to universally carry themselves with such pride in who they are.

When I asked what he did he told me that he was setting up his own IT company. Sensing immense destiny and favour on his life, I spoke words of encouragement over him. He seemed so full of assurance in his own destiny. I felt inspired by his tenacity and faith in who he was and what he was born for.

Goodness I love the African American people. So full of beauty and intelligence and always so much fun.

Definitely started my day on a good note.


Later on Tuesday Morning – Uber to work

This Uber driver was a delightful middle aged gentleman from Singapore. He had been in Perth for 10 years, having originally moved there with his family as his company relocated. He shared with me that he could no longer work for his company as he had suffered a heart attack and sinus problems. He had chain smoked on first arrival to Australia, and worked very hard to try and build up his own business.

Consequently becoming stressed he then found himself suffering a heart attack which forced him to give up smoking and learn how to create a better work life balance. Having quit smoking he was now working on building up his new business. He was an Uber driver in between until he got set up.

We talked about the realities of a work/life balance and what it looked like to give things to God and keep the main thing the main thing. Sidenote, this is something I really resonated with as that I have been learning how to steward this well in my own life.

Not Knowing much about Singapore, except for Joseph Prince’s empire of a church, I asked if he had heard about him. I did this as a point of conversation and because I have a genuine interest in and admiration of Joseph Prince.

He is almost like a godly rock star with a church that has grown from 150 in 1990 to 31,000 

However, unknown to me a prominent Singaporean minister had recently been sent to Jail for the embezzlement of money. My driver consequently shared how wary he felt of the entire huge church empire and it’s potential to be or become corrupt.

I shared how people often misrepresent God and while it is confusing and heartbreaking it is not the Father’s heart. I was reminded again of the great responsibility we have to be salt and light. The world is watching. Ah to be known for our goodness, integrity and justice. To show mercy and to stand for things that are good and right. To be known for our generosity and stewardship of finances.

To his credit I know Joseph Prince’s church, New Creation Church are very committed to impacting their local community and are a great vehicle of people who are full of love, joy and grace. This little blog is not to discredit him in anyway.

Aren’t people interesting? On that note, off to work!

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

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2 thoughts on “Uber Adventures – Part 2 – Singapore Sling

  1. Sharon Wilks says:

    Love the way you work Christine, and your honesty is so refreshing!

    1. Christine says:

      Thank you so much Sharon. That is so encouraging

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