Letters to my Husband – Part 2 – Perth

My latest job role involves me travelling interstate and eventually internationally, educating hospitals. It is an exciting and dynamic job. Not only do I get to travel, and learn a brand new side to medicine, I also get to learn about running a business from my two inspiring bosses who set up the company. Winning.

But I am working away from my husband, hence this new series. Writing is such a glorious outlet for me and the best way I know how to creatively communicate my inside thoughts. I plan to write about the travel side of my work in letter form to my husband.

You can read part 1 here! Now for part 2:


Dearest Mark,

Here I am in Perth. That was one long 5.5 hour flight. Now I know why I haven’t been here before. Especially when you know you could travel overseas to New Zealand in less time. Amazing. I got so hungry that when the meal came around, I nearly snatched it off the trolley myself. Of course I held back as I didn’t want to look like a starving little brown child. It was literally pork sausage, egg, bacon and half a muffin. I can hear you laughing out loud. My worst nightmare in a box. However, many miles above ground, with hours to go, I gave it a red-hot go. I even ate the sausage. It was actually quite nice. Didn’t really taste real.

I thought you might like to know I ate a pork sausage and didn’t die.

The young lady next to me was a very committed vegan. She had ordered her own vegan meal which included a fruit platter (so doing that next time). I wanted to ask her for a bite of her apple. On top of this, she had packed her own vegan lunch of roasted pumpkin and spinach leaves. AND had her own vegan recyclable cup which she asked the air hostess to use instead of the paper ones they give us (I don’t know for a fact that it was a vegan cup but I put that in cause it sure makes my story sound better)!  Like I said, very committed. I looked at her carry-on bag and it was a linen bag which was no doubt eco-friendly and ethically sourced. I tried to look at her shoes but they were hidden from my view.

I bet a million dollars that she was not wearing cow hide. Or any kind of hide for that matter.

Poor thing, I think she started to cotton on to my less than covert observation of her. I admire people like her very much. You know those people who refuse to compromise for what they believe and let it impact every part of their life. You are like that with the gospel. Makes me wonder what I am uncompromising about? What do I believe in that oozes out of every pore of my life? At this point, after I have spent six hours on a plane, eaten a pork sausage and have an urgent need to do a number two (stage fright on the plane), I am not passionate about anything profound. The only thing I am passionate about is getting off the plane and onto the toilet. World changing thinking right there.



After grabbing my luggage and am in a cab to my house I begin my perusal of Perth from the window of my Taxi. The first thing I notice is that it is bright green. As in bright blinding green. My beautiful Cab driver told me that it rained solidly for the last three weeks.  No drought in WA. That’s for sure.

Meanwhile farmers are dancing in their paddock’s in nothing but a cowboy hat after one day of rain in NSW. Bless them.

The second thing I noticed was this. Everything seemed to have a depth of character. From the old vintage buildings to the huge timeless trees in the parks, to the well planned water features and random ponds. You had the feeling like it carried heritage and history, and had been built up slowly over time. My cab driver told me that when he first moved here from India 12 years ago there was only one high rise building in the city.. “Now look at it!” he exclaimed to me, pointing in the direction of the City. “So many buildings,” “As many as Sydney or Melbourne!” Bless him.

He told me many other great truths. Such as, “Uber isn’t really a thing here in Perth.” Not true.

Anyhow. I got to my Perth Abode utilised my cab drivers expertise to help me into the house, as for the life of me couldn’t open the lock box to get the key out. After struggling for a good five minutes, he took pity on me and came to help me. I had strategically left my baggage in his car, as I suspected I would need help. He effortlessly opened it in three seconds flat, patting my shoulder in a “it’s okay that your stupid” way as he hurried back into his car and drove off.

Settling in my home for the next two weeks is a strange feeling without you. Even though it is luxurious and beautiful I have mixed emotions. I am conflicted with a sense of excitement and anticipation for the next two weeks of work, in what was sure to be an intense and challenging adventure. On the other hand there is this strange undeniable feeling that something is always amiss without you here to share it. Life is not quite as rich somehow. While the house I am staying in is a mansion and Perth is shaping up to be bursting with greenery and rich in character, I can’t fight the feeling that a part of myself is missing when you are not here.

I have learned to embrace the feeling of sadness I have when you aren’t with me. While I don’t allow it to take over, I also cherish how much I love you and how a part of my very spirit and self that you are.

It’s right. It is what God intended. It is marriage. We are blessed.

I’m off to explore, get some seaweed, do some exercise, buy my groceries and meet some Uber drivers. In that order.


You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

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4 thoughts on “Letters to my Husband – Part 2 – Perth

  1. pastorbushy says:

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks for inviting us into your travelling correspondence with Mark. As always, I love your raw honesty. Your writing style always brings a smile to my face.
    So what exactly is your new job? Sounds exciting.

  2. Ru says:

    “iT’s Ok ThAt YoU’rE sTuPiD” 😂😂😂 so funny the way you wrote that- I could instantly feel the moment 🙂

  3. Caaz says:

    This is my most favourite quote from you so far…
    “I have learned to embrace the feeling of sadness I have when you aren’t with me. While I don’t allow it to take over, I also cherish how much I love you and how a part of my very spirit and self that you are.”

    I have many other favourite, laugh out loud quotes, but this one… so very beautiful! Sending you so much love!

    1. Christine says:

      Caz! Thank you my love… Gosh I miss you.

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