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Okay let me make one thing clear. I love fashion. Adore it in fact. I read fashion articles, browse numerous websites, and most of all appreciate creatively expressing myself through what I wear. I also love to appreciate the fashion in others.

I am on a journey of starting to appreciate the concept that quality is better than quantity. I am coming to understand that this concept is applicable in all areas of life. Especially that of fashion.

Many of us are reluctant to invest money in clothing for ourselves. I can totally relate.

Not long ago I felt far too guilty investing more that 100 dollars on an item of clothing

Somehow it felt vain and frivolous. Moreover, being of the ‘right now’ mentality generation, the idea of waiting and saving for one quality item which I truly wanted, seemed boring. Instead I would opt for the cheaper replacement which I could justify having straight away. Before long I would have an overflowing cluttered wardrobe full of clothes which were forgotten, and undervalued.

Is this familiar to anybody?

I am learning that if I invest in timeless pieces, classics which are well thought out investments, I might pay a lot more in the short term (although I have learned to lay-by), however in the long term I have an intentional wardrobe full of cherished, quality items which I look after, wear with pride and feel beautiful in. Currently my wardrobe is de-cluttered, almost sparse, yet every item of clothing I love, wear and cherish.

So my beloveds, I wonder if I can help you rethink your “I can’t afford it mentality.” Perhaps you want to stop buying cheaper ‘on sale’ impulse clothes, like I have. Be intentional about what classic items you would like to invest into this spring. Or perhaps change your mentality all together and decide you are worth the investment. Because, my beloved one, you absolutely are.


You only need 4 quality staples for your wardrobe

These staples you can mix and match but each and every piece will be an investment which is well thought out, budgeted for and items of clothing which you will appreciate for months, years to come.

Based on my passion to see my beloved tribe valuing themselves enough to invest in classic pieces of clothing which you love and will feel good in, I have decided to release regular fashion articles.

I hope you find helpful and have as much fun reading them as I have writing them. I value all your comments and ideas so please leave me plenty of feedback at the end of each post.


Classic Pieces

I am a big believer in embracing one’s own style. In fact, I celebrate you. All of you. From the minimalist bohemian look, to the surfy, I just rolled out of bed looking hot look, to the super chic business like look, to the royal Meagan Markhan (my current girl crush) look. It is all glorious.

However, there are some timeless pieces which a great investment to your spring/summer wardrobe will be. These are consistently beautiful. You can accessorise these and dress them up and down as you see fit.


The Lose White Dress

Please, everyone buy a loose white dress.

I wear mine at least once a week. I am also the messiest person in the world, however every time I wear it, I soak it in Nappisan. It comes out as good as new. Seriously. White dresses are so versatile. You can be basic and pair them with the incredible white sliders (featured at the end) or coupled with some bright accessories and a head scarf (Don’t underestimate the power of a sexy head scarf) and you are WINNING.

I love this one from assembly line. It’s minimal and classy.

See here.


Add a scarf

I have to put this cheeky Camilla head scarf here. The picture does not do the incredible Camilla Fabric justice. It truly is magnificent. Around your neck or on your head it is a worthy investment timeless investment which will make any outfit pop.

See here.


The Timeless Onesie

This is without doubt a must. Absolute MUST. Please start saving today to buy yourself a Black/Navy Onesie. It is comfortable for those times when we all have the “I am constipated, ate too much bread, have my monthly cycle, ate too many vegan donuts” belly. It is Black so you can eat “ALL” of the things and not worry about spillage, and most of all, it is effortlessly stylish. It has that “I don’t care” “But I look fabulous anyway look”

Do it beloveds. Once again this is from Assembly Line which is my favourite go to minimal for onesies.

See here.


Classic Shorts

If you currently own ugly shorts, cheap shorts, shorts that are too short, or too tight,  please take a moment to stop reading, go to your wardrobe and throw them out. Every single one. Please resist the urge to think that other people might want your ugly shorts and do not feel to absorb your guilt by ‘gifting them away.’ Other people do not need your ugly shorts.

Please remind yourself that this is not wasting. Culling unnecessary items from your wardrobe is not wasting. It is evidence that cheap, impulsive buys do not always equal long term satisfaction and that quality over quantity is a beautiful mantra. Remember this moment when you pass by that ‘sale item’ which seems like a good buy at the time but a cheap replacement for the item which you truly want to invest in

Now, one you have culled those numerous cheap buys from your wardrobe you have room to invest in one pair of shorts which you truly desire.

I love this belted number from Witchery. It is high waisted and long enough to still be stylishly modest.

See here.



If you know me, you will be very aware that I have stubbornly resisted the mass allegiance to the traditional Birkenstock. Namely because I felt that they were as ‘comfortable’ as they were ugly and unsightly. I feel that no degree of comfort could allow for such a digression of style.

However, and I smile as I write this, these Birkenstocks are classy and feminine at the same time. I repent Birkenstock makers. Plus when you put them on,  I can’t deny you feel like you are walking on a cloud.

The Germans…. They do a lot of things right don’t they.

See here.


That’s all for now. My four go to pieces for this spring.

Stay tuned for the next fashion insight from this little brown writer.

Remember you are worth it. Better to save for a month for an item of clothing that you love than to buy four items which are cheaper and give you some measure of instant gratification, but no long term value.

Let me know your thoughts, ideas and feedback and go to purchases. Thank you to all those who are liking, commenting and sharing my articles.

I can’t tell you how much that means to me.


Until next time,

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,


Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

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