5 Australian Labels to wear to Your Christmas Party!


It’s here!

The season of dinners, work dos, Christmas parties and endless social events. To keep you from worrying about what you are wearing every time you have to go out I am going to present you with 5 outfits which you can wear. My suggestion is to pick one, or two if you budget allows and just mix and match with different shoes and accessories.

While the dresses themselves may be an investment, they are worthy investments. You will be able to wear them multiple times in different ways. Moreover, each of these designs are from the most incredible Australian labels and the clothes made with quality and pride by our own people who are passionate and excellent at their craft.

So, have a look. Invest my Girls. One or two quality frocks prior to Christmas for all those functions is all you need. You will wear them over and over all summer and believe me you will get your money’s worth.

So here are my picks for the week.


1. An Original Spin to A Black Dress

I love this dress by Acler, an Australian owned brand by two co-designers Kathryn Forth and Julia Ritorto. They share a common passion to rebel against cookie cutter digital design. Each Acler piece is developed over a process of 12 months where the end is a meticulously refined piece. I love their style and their passion for originality and quality (See here).

This number comes in white and black. And is absolutely stunning. It comes in sizes 6-14. It is simply sophisticated, and I think at $370 a worthy investment. Especially considering that it took 12 months to refine. Given their normal pieces go for up to $700 this one is a steal. I guarantee you could wear it over and over. Dress it up with killer heels and earrings, and down with casual flats or sneakers. The colour white is equally stunning.

I love this one Mark Greenwood, in case you are reading.

See here


2. The Shirt Dress

This shirt dress is by Matin (See here)

This is another Australian brand based in Sydney. I love this classy dress which is suitable for going to work, going out for dinner or a party, or even a causal lunch. It hides lumps and bumps and will make you feel classy and comfortable all at once. Not that the model has any lumps and bumps. Goodness she even makes me want to get a mullet.

And Ladies… at the moment it is nearly half price.

See here


3. The Sophisticated Onsie

This classy minimal number is by Keepsake. I love it’s understated elegant beauty. This is by an Australian brand started in 2011 where the Keepsake emphasis is on romance and couture. I chose this one this particular outfit as I think you could get multiple wears from it. For my tribe who are not as flamboyant with their fashion, and like me, have buds for breasts, this one is for you. To be real, it would look just as good should you have breasts. Just saying, breasts are not compulsory in this outfit…

See here


4. The Little White Number

I love this one from Maurie and Eve, another incredible Australian label. Girls it’s on sale, and you don’t even have to shave your legs. This is my favourite one and it is the only one on this list for under $100. Personally I would wear it first to the party, than after that, wear it on a daily basis. It is glorious. I know it is white, but trust me, you soak it in napisan  prior to washing it and it turns out glowing white again. I know this from repeated personal experience as I am the messiest eater you will ever meet. But thanks to napisan I can wear white.

See here


5. Short but Classy

By C/MEO an incredible Australian label. It took me ages to pick one from their incredible range.

C/MEO head designer Siham Elmawey was appointed at just 22 years and has created a formidable collage of innovative clothing that stands independently from its peers. Seriously girls please have a look at her collection. It is so special (here). I love the grey pants (here). However my pick for today’s article is this versatile, but incredibly stylish little dress.

Suitable for all occasions and many body types. I can see these popping with some strappy sandals. Remember if you don’t want to show your arms wear a loose top underneath. Also I don’t think it is that short, the girl is super tall and the angle makes it look shorter than it is. It is the perfect dress for a party, or the beach or even at home. You will get plenty of wear from this one.

See here


So there you have it my girls. Five outfits for your party. All quality. All from incredible Australian designers. Pick one and treat yourself for early Christmas present for you. Remember classic pieces are worth your investment. Buy Quality over Quantity.

I would love to know your thoughts so please comment. If you are a regular reader I would also love it if you share this.

Most of all if you purchase any please let us all know and what you thought of it! We all love to hear.


Until next time,

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,


Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

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