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If one sees me out, you might come to the mistaken conclusion that I spend a long time putting my outfits together. In truth, my gorgeous husband is my witness, it rarely takes me more than 10 minutes.

Having said that, I am a huge believer in styling and profiling. I adore fashion. I am all about expressing myself through what I wear. I love my style to be a creative expression of who I am and my current mood, and also seeing it creatively expressed in those around me.

What I don’t like however, is any pressure that one may feel when they put an outfit together. Or feelings of stress or inferiority when deciding what to wear. I can so relate to this in the past.

I would find myself continually changing outfits and leaving the house feeling less frazzled, rushed and completely unhappy with the chosen get-up.

My absolute best defence against this has been to invest in some basic Staples. Now I rarely even think about what I will be wearing for a day or an event.



In my previous blog I went through some wardrobe classics and I can’t stress it enough. When you have those 3-4 classics outfits which you can this makes all the difference in the world.

The key to these staples however is ensuring that they are high quality and that you are truly in love with them. I’m not suggesting that they have to be Channel (although if they are that is absolutely fabulous), however I am absolutely forbidding any staples to be from Kmart or Target. Invest in some quality girls! You are worth it. Items that you feel like royalty in.

These will last you for years and you will love them forever.

Depending on your budget or schedule this may take months to accumulate. My fabulous green jacket took me four months to save up for. When I finally purchased it, my husband will tell you I kept it in it’s fancy bubble wrap for one whole month, touching it occasionally before I finally wore it. Then I wore it for nearly a month straight every other day. I lived in Darwin at the time too so believe me, I was not wearing it because I was cold!

These staple items will differ depending on your own individual style. It might change from year to year.  For me, currently my staples include.


  1. A black loose sleeveless Morrisons dress. A worthy investment.
  2. I have a stylish white onesie.
  3. I have a Camilla Jacket 
  4. I have the most fabulous scarf 
  5. Finally strappy leather shoes. I have these in flats and high heels


All of these pieces took me months to save up for. I bought very few items in between. Unless you count underwear and stockings. Ask my husband. I did not shop. Instead I saved for items which I knew I would cherish and wear always. I do not regret a single purchase and believe me I have got my money’s worth.

I wear my staples weekly and mix them up with various earrings, bright lipsticks, a different jacket or kimono or scarves.

Now when I have an event to go out to, I always have a few outfits which I know I can wear, I know they fit me well and I feel fabulous in. If I am feeling extra saucy and creative I dress them up with a head scarf and earring or bright red lipstick. If am feeling like I want to be classy and understated I will wear my black dress with some simple earrings and my strappy flats. If I am feeling more formal or it is a cooler night, I will slip my jacket on top of the white or black classic number. So easy right?


So there you have it my beloved. My tip for effortless preparation is staples, staples, staples!

Start investing or saving today. What are you thinking of buying?


Until next time,

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,


Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup


P.S. I have left two of my favourite numbers below from a fabulous Australian designer and their links.



















































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