My Husband’s Four Week Detox (Perhaps Yours too?) – Part 1


The first seven days

It has been an incredibly busy end to the year. Mark is usually a healthy creature because I am his lifestyle coordinator. However, travelling constantly and often apart lately, healthy eating has definitely not been on my husband’s priority list.

With a busy year ahead, and with the knowledge that how we steward our bodies is fundamental to our physical, spiritual and emotional health, I am eager for him to get back on track! Especially because I am home for the next 8 weeks straight. So I have made a plan for the first seven days of the next week.

I have published it in case any of my tribe want to jump on board!

Lets go into the new year revamped and healthy. We will start ours on the 1st December. I have included some individual things that my husband loves. Like chicken on Monday and cheese on Saturday. For the most part it is plant based, but not religiously. Give it a go. You may be pleasantly surprised. My husband happens to be easy. He is a creature of habit so eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch actually is comforting for him.


Here is the general plan

  1. Breakfast.
    Porridge and blueberries and banana (Mark loves blue berries) with almond milk. Or Whole Toast/ English muffin and avocado. We love nutritional yeast on top of that. Delicious.
  2. Lunch
    Either Salad rolls or wraps (whole meal preferred) with plenty of hummus. The key to this for us is hot sauce. We load it up with avocado, hummus, spinach leaves, whole beetroot, tomato, purple onion and anything else at hand. You can’t go wrong. Alternatively, there is left overs. Tuesday is a cheat lunch as Mark usually has work meetings. Also Saturday is a cheese day as Mark is obsessed with buffalo mozzarella cheese. It has to be fresh from the deli. So I have a mission to try and find him some from a deli every Saturday as it is his favourite.
  3. Dinner
    We love lentils. They are so quick and easy and nutritious. You can whip it up in 15 minutes flat. So to take the stress out of cooking I do this every other night. It is nutritious and served with whole bread, it makes for a seriously easy meal. Thank goodness Mark likes it so much he actually occasionally drools into the bowl when he is eating it (not even joking).The other nights I try to be creative. We love vegetarian curries and cauliflower rice. Once a week I make chicken. Why? Cause that is Marks favourite thing to eat. Monday is his day off so every Monday I plan to make it Chicken night. This week is simple roasted chicken with Thyme, olive oil and garlic. Simple is best. Of course Mark will drown his in hot sauce either way so I don’t need to flavour it much.
  4. Treats
    After dinner treats. I love to snack. However Mark isn’t really a snacker. So I haven’t put any snacks in. He does love a sweet treat after dinner, so a bit of dark chocolate or some fruit will be fine. No need to be too extreme. For those of you who love to snack, fruit, little protein bars, or a little tin of tuna. Even carrots and hummus is perfectly fine and delicious.



I usually work out on my own in the morning. This is my time to hear God and dream and be by myself. In the afternoons Mark and I try to go for walks to connect about three days a week. So for exercise I am going to teach Mark to run. We will do 3-4 km, 3 times this week. The key for this is to take it slow. If you go crazy with a new routine, you can never stick to it. It has to be maintainable and enjoyable.

If you are joining us I will leave you with some links to my favourite recipes until I have mine up and ready. Also you can see our week meal plan below!

  1. Lentils 
  2. Roast Chicken 
  3. Cauliflower Pad Thai (I add bean sprouts and omit the peanuts)
  4. Vegetable Curry (I use light coconut milk instead of cream. The jack fruit can be from any Indian/ Asian Grocer).




Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday




Porridge soy milk and blueberries and banana



Porridge soy milk and fruit

Avocado and wholemeal toast


Porridge soy milk and blueberries and banana Avocado and wholemeal toast Porridge and soy milk and blueberries Avocado or nut spread on toast


Wholemeal wraps and salad with low fat (homemade Hummus) and hot sauce



Wholemeal buns



Hot sauce


Left overs or

Day to eat out


Naked Burrito

(no wrap)

Or Subway on wholemeal bread choose chicken or tuna

Wholemeal wraps or roll


Avocado and hummus




Left over vegetable curry and rice




Left over lentils



Fresh bread


Fresh Cheese and avocado


Cherry tomatoes



Church night

Lentils and  toast

Fresh bread and butter


Roasted chicken.


Asparagus and Broccolini with olive oil and balsamic glaze


Lentils and steamed greens


Wholemeal toast or pita bread

Vegetarian curry

Brown rice



Lentils and steamed greens

Whole meal toast if needed

Church night


Early toast avocado and eggs

Late night snack sirena tuna

Cauliflower pad thai rice

Bean sprouts

Steamed greens


Snacks/ After dinner


Dark chocolate

2 pieces



Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Mango and coconut yoghurt Fruit Frozen grapes Chocolate


Walk with wife if possible Run 3km

OR walk with Wife

Rest or small walk Wake at 5am go for 3km run Rest or walk with wife Huge walk before church Small run 3.5km or walk



Until next time,

You are richly loved and cherished.


Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup



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