Uber Adventures – Part 4 – Drive-By-Wisdom


Travelling again for work lands me Western Australia. My second time to Perth, I have found it to be a beautiful, expansive and surprising place. There is bright green landscapes with blooming splashes of colour. Velvet red, yellow and white roses line what seems like every house. Citrus trees are laden with fruit and are bursting everywhere. There are markets to explore bursting with fresh fruit, original clothes and food stalls of every kind.

Perth boasts some of the best beaches in Australia. The sharks are little deterrent to the surfers and the swimmers enjoying its brisk blue waters. The food has been a melting pot of every ethnicity. From authentic little Italian diners run by little Italian woman and their entire families, to authentic Asian eateries. The ‘dumpling house’ near our place on week nights seems to be packed till late at night with its varied diners. You know a dumpling house has to be legitimate when it is packed with Asians at 11pm on a Thursday night. Indeed, Perth you have been full of surprises.


The people

The stand out of all of this has been the people. There is common thread amongst all the people who live in Perth. Everyone I have met has had a kind, genuine air. It seems in WA ,for the most part there seems to be a deficit of much of the ego that can hang around cities of similar sizes elsewhere. The people are laid back, innately friendly and polite.

As usual my Uber Drivers have been a standout of my trip. In fact I have come to an executive decision. Uber Drivers are some of the most interesting, inspiring people I have ever met. Perth has been no exception.

Here is the stand out Uber driver that I have come across

My young middle Eastern Uber picked me up in his white Tarago. He would have been mid to late 30s. Speaking in perfectly polished English he told me he had been Uber driver for a year. He had previously run a glassing business which one year ago had folded. He told me matter of factly that he had lost a lot of money. He told me about the stress of having a business that was not profitable and the difficulty of keeping up morale in his team and, ensuring that his 12 workers were paid no matter what. He told me how he would try to protect his workers from the stress of his business going under and was always diligent to ensuring they got their pay on time even when he was running at a loss.

He told me how grateful he was that he only lost an investment property and had didn’t accumulate any debt even while his business folded.

He told me how Uber was giving him a chance to dream about what to do next.

I was so impacted by the articulate way which he described the entire process that occurred over 5 years. He was deeply wise, and clearly full of integrity and kindness. We talked about how the older we were becoming the more we were realising that wealth was less and less about money and more and more about relationships and people.


6 prayers

He told me that there are six things that he prays for and wealth is not one of them. Intrigued I asked him what they were. His prayers were as follows.

  1. To be a good parent. For if you parent well, you raise kind and generous children who also know how to parent and raise children.
  2. To have a soulmate for a spouse. Happy wife happy life (His words not mine)
  3. To have good health.
  4. To have a good education. Not a degree for the sake of elitism or social standing, but the knowledge that empowers you with the ability to help others in some way.
  5. To have a house. This was irrespective of the size or place, but a haven and a safe place for yourself and your family. Whether it be big or small, simple or fancy.
  6. To have a good leader in your life. Whether it is at church, or at work, or a mentor. Someone you deeply respect to teach you how to grow in character, statue, integrity leadership and the ways of life.

I felt like I could listen to his gentle wise voice all day. He had wisdom beyond his years and I knew  he would reign in life in all things. He was my highlight that day.

I would love to know your Uber experiences!

Have you had one stand out Uber driver who has impacted you lately? Who has surprised and inspired you? Please write a comment below.


Until next time,

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,


Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

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