The Airport Series – Part 1 – Who Rides in First Class?


It is no secret that I love to people watch. Observing human behaviour, taking in the different interactions, reactions to different situations and the differing ways which people communicate, is so very fascinating to me.

In my opinion, there is no better place to people watch than in an airport.

Particularly in an airport where there has been multiple flight delays.

This was precisely the case as I was attempting to come home from a huge job interstate two days ago. We would later learn that it was the wettest November day since 1984 according to “The Morning Show” on channel 7 (don’t judge me, I was watching at the gym). Due to the torrential rain, there were multiple flight delays which impacted all flights throughout Australia. Not just Tiger and Jetstar either. Even Qantas was delayed.

So as you can image, multiple flights delayed, from early that morning, equals: A large amount of disgruntled people, confusion regarding changing gates and flight times,. All in all an airport primed with people, complete with of all sorts of emotions to watch!


A Cocktail of Humans

You have the crying restless toddlers who are up well past their morning nap, with their frazzled looking parents trying to simultaneously entertain and console them. Some parents resorting to lollies which we all know is only going end in tragedy.

Than you have the disorientated elderly folk who are not seasoned travellers, trying to keep up with ever changing flight times, and gates. Anxious that they will miss their reassigned flights which are now at a different gate than what it says on their ticket. This is confusing for a seasoned traveller let alone the retirees on their bi yearly vacation.  They check with the young and patient(not so patient) attendee, dressed in her bright red dress at the gate, every five minutes. Every time a new announcement would come over the loudspeaker they would incline their ear anxiously.

Their confused banter is simply adorable.

The couple next to me had my heart. He was pushing 70, clad in glorious flannels. He still looked fit and trim, with an elbow brace and a well-trimmed moustache. His wife  was commanding, in her Diana Ferrari flats and her no-nonsense white shirt, complete with a vintage yellow cardigan.

“We are at the wrong gate. Gate 9 is going to Broome”

“Yes and than it is going to Brisbane.”

“But Gate 27 is also going to Brisbane.? Should we be there?”

“But that a different flight. Not our flight lovey.”

“Are you sure? The other flight was at 7am.”

“Yes it was delayed.”

“Well best you check.”

“I just did. I’ll check again. Although this lot waiting seem like they are from Broome.”

“Yes check again. I do agree they must be from Broome. That’s why they are eating MacDonald’s. There is no MacDonald’s in Broome.

“Beautiful place Broome is. There is a MacDonald’s there. I saw it on Travel Aus.”

“Well you wouldn’t think so the way that young boy is eating his Big Mac. I’m surprised he doesn’t choke.”

“Go check with that nice lady again lovey and than I could do with some banana bread and a coffee.”

“I refuse to pay 10 dollars for a bit of banana bread. It is simply criminal. I won’t do it on principle.”


Goodness it was entertaining!


First Class Predictions

My favourite part, however, is to look around and to predict who I think will be on first class (difficult as they are usually wine-ing and dining in the Qantas Lounge right up to the boarding time). However when we do finally board, I am always grateful as the first class board first. I then get to observe each and every one of them and decide who they are and what they do.

So on my flight, in first class we had (according to my estimation):


The Rich Asian

Since watching ‘Crazy Rich Asians.” I have a new hypothesis in life. Every well dressed Asian is filthy rich until otherwise proven. Those sitting in first class is definite confirmation.

This lovely rich Asian seated comfortably in first class was young and petite. It was hard to tell his age but I am guessing 24 years old. He was clad in expensive jeans, a crisp white shirt, Hugo Boss leather Loafers and my favourite part, a bright multi-coloured scarf. It looked expensive and eccentric. He was glorious. Clearly he was from a wealthy family residing partially in Australia. He had whipped to Perth for a quick visit to the CEO of the mines which his family are part owners in.


Sophisticated Older Folk

There was a couple who I would guess were in their early 60s. They were Caucasian. He was wearing a blue golfing Ralph Lauren Shirt and looked handsome with his white grey hair and kind eyes and she was wearing a matching blue blouse with white pants. Her short well-groomed blonde bob spoke class and classic style. I suspect they matched on mistake. They looked like a blue sea of sophistication. He looked like an ex CEO or the owner of a successful company who had now given over the reigns and was transitioning into semi-retirement. They had been in Perth to visit family, possibly their new grandchild and checked on some of their investment properties while they were there. They looked kind, down to earth and unmistakably rich.


A few Young Men.

One was in his late 30s. He had far to much wax in his brown hair which was cropped in a short back and sides. In casual gear, he defied his surrounding although his Rolex perched on his wrist gave him away as he typed away furiously at his lap top. Clearly he was making the most of every spare minute of WiFi before take off. My guess was that he was an executive of the mining company. Highly strung and highly stressed. Mining executives…

The perks are high, the pay is great, but the personal cost is nearly always higher.

The other young gentleman was in his early forties. He was a bit of an enigma. Sitting in a dark blue polo. He sat there calmly. Was not playing on his phone or his laptop. In fact I felt him watching me watch everyone else. He was handsome and well kept. I couldn’t quite figure him out. I think perhaps he had got a free upgrade.


That was about all I had time for before the line progressed me through first class and down into my economy seating. Where us mere plebs reside. To be honest being so small, I travel in “business class” every time. It’s so roomy. I see the pleased gratified look of my co passengers when they see me preparing to sit next to them. Why?

I’m Small and will not encroach on their space. I smell like Ralph Lauren (eternity to be specific) and will not inflict BO on their nostrils. Most importantly I offer them lollipops (granted they do not know this yet but they will soon and one day someone over the age of 11 is going to say yes!)

So that is my latest airport experience people.


Love to hear your thoughts!

Do you hypothesise about those in first class? Leave a comment. That is my favourite part.


Until next time,

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,


Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

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