My Husband’s Four Week Detox – Part 3


The results so far

SO it has been three weeks. Mark has lost 3 kg quite effortlessly. Already, he has stopped snoring, has less of a little pot belly and without exaggeration, has a lot more energy. He doesn’t wake up groggy and his hay fever is better when he is not eating a heap of dairy. The change is remarkable and this time I think even Greenie will admit it.


What He ate

We have lived on probably 80% plant based with chicken on Mondays, and he has had a couple of days where we had scrambled eggs and omelette if we ran out of time or milk. He also found himself eating out twice this week, and had meat on both occasions, but for the most part is on track!

Other than that he has been surprisingly motivated. Essentially he has been having porridge and fruit with almond milk for breakfast. Once he had scrambled eggs cause we ran out of fruit, and Greenie wouldn’t dream of eating porridge without blue berries and banana. Lunch is either left over lentils or fresh wraps with plenty of hummus, avocado, salad and hot sauce. Dinners have a variety of pesto pasta with plenty of broccoli, kale, garlic and chilli, lentils, and vegetable yellow curries.



We went for a short Run/walk three days which Markie was super motivated. We live at Mt Gravatt so there is a big look out which we run to the top of and walk down. It has a stunning view of the city, and we can city and watch the city and at the right time, the sun goes down. It is quite magical actually.

SO. Here we are week three.

All the same usual suspects for breakfast and lunch. I have found that aside from one-two variations for breakfast he loves to eat the same thing for breakfast every morning. So porridge and almond milk it is! He is absolutely LOVING the wraps with hummus, avocado, salad and hot sauce. Snacks are coconut chunks, dark chocolate and fruit. We had a couple of bliss balls and a sneaky lemon slice.

Dinners I am trialling a new eggplant pasta, I will do a huge batch of roasted vegetables for a salad and making a delicious yellow cauliflower curry. Once again, I will alternate with lentils in between as it is cheap, easy and fun.

Eating healthy is easy and fun. It is about preparation.


Hints below and table for the week is as follows.


Monday: Nandos Chicken– Let’s be honest. All you need is chicken and Nandos marinade. That’s all I do. However if you want to get super fancy  click on the link above. This takes it up a notch. I have done it both ways. Personally I don’t think the difference is worth the effort.

Tuesday: Grilled Jamaican Jerk Eggplant this is bound to melt Greenies heart.

Wednesday: Lentils: I always cook lentils the same old way. Red lentils with turmeric, chicken stock and heaps of garlic. I than chuck any every vegetable I have in the fridge.

For those of you who want more variety. Click on the above link. There is plenty to choose from. I love the sound of the lentil falafels. Also this Lentil Meatloaf from minimalistic baker is to die for. It just takes some time. It is perfect for premade lunches.

Thursday: Yellow Cauliflower curry (see link to previous blog)

Friday: Roasted vegetable salad.  I know this might take a little more work but I promise it will be worth it. When I am short of time I roast up a heap of vegetables while doing other things and put it in a huge container. Than I reheat in the microwave, add some cous cous and splash some balsamic. However if you want to be fancy smancy.. click on the above recipe. This recipe takes a bit more work, however goodness it is perfection. I have made the fancy one for multiple dinner parties now and it is always an absolute hit.


Meal Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast Porridge with blueberries/banana and soy milk Porridge with blueberries/banana and soy milk Porridge with blueberries/ banana and soy milk Porridge with blueberries/banana and soy milk Porridge with blueberries/banana and soy milk Avocado on whole-meal toast (2) or Whole meal English Muffin Porridge with blueberries/banana and soy milk
Lunch Whole roll or wrap with Salad. Avocado/hummus, tomato, red onion, spinach (plus or minus falafel balls) Cheat meal


(Mark usually has church meetings on this day)

Whole roll or wrap with Salad. Avocado/hummus, tomato, red onion, spinach Leftover Lentils with wholemeal bread. Whole roll or wrap with Salad. Avocado/hummus, tomato, red onion, spinach Deli treats

Fresh sour dough bread buffalo mozzarella/cheese antipasto vegetable. Sun dried tomatoes and olives

Whole roll or wrap with Salad. Avocado/hommus, tomato, red onion, spinach
Dinner Nandos Chicken. With side salad Eggplant,tomato and Basil Pasta with nutritional yeast Lentils and whole meal roll Yellow cauliflower curry Lentils. Steamed vegetables and wholemeal pita bread Roasted Vegetable Salad with Cous cous. Sushi from Mr Gravatt Plaza
Snack Coconut chunks Dark Chocolate Nectarine Dark Chocolate Chopped
Exercise Run up the mountain Rest Run up the mountain Walk Big Bush walk Run up the mountain Rest and Church day


Until next time,

You are richly loved and cherished.


Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

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