What Will People Say At My Funeral?


At my Funeral what will people say?

Did the way I live change lives?

What thoughts would my loved ones convey?

Did I stand for something despite the price?


Would they say that I loved them recklessly?

Like no one else before?

Did I give of my myself endlessly?

And with the love of God restore?


Would they say that I spent my time wisely,

That I sowed into things that changed lives?

Or did I get distracted blindly,

With things that gave a short-term prize?


Would they say that I gave generously,

That my money and time were not my own?

Would they say I lived unpretentiously,

Despite any success that may have grown.


Would they say my love for my husband deep,

And was it evident to all?

Did I offer kindness to all those that I honoured to meet,

Or did my pride stand out tall?


Did I make time for deep relationships,

Did I build friendships that would last?

Did I run my businesses like a dictatorship,

Or did I lead with utter kindness and class?


Would they say I was a joy to be around,

Did I consider what I said with great care?

Did the words I spoke bring change profound,

Others burdens did I bare?


I wonder what will be said at my Passing,

When I die, what impact would I have made?

Would I be known for my kindness surpassing,

And my deep love be felt for decades?



These questions make me stop in my tracks and re-evaluate everything. Am I loving what I am doing? I never want to work solely for money or get to busy working towards my goals that I forget the most important part, the process and the relationships that one makes on the way.

These questions have made me re-evaluate everything. There is so much. But one thing I would love to do is rearrange my life to allow for deep relationships. To be okay to be gloriously interrupted. I am such a enneagram three. Miss productivity. While this makes me “get things done” I am the first to admit it may sometimes be to the detriment of relationships.

I need to find a balance.

At my funeral I want people to say I listened well. That when they spoke to me it was as if they were the only person in the room. I want them to say that when they needed me or called me I was there. I want them to say I loved fiercely with great abandonment. I want them to say that I loved like they imagined Jesus would love.

At my funeral I want people to say that around me they were inspired. That I gave endlessly to see marriages made right, relationships healed, and people walking in their full destiny. I want people to say I was a firm but empowering leader. A inspiring speaking. Someone who chose their words carefully and impacted many.

I want people to say that I loved generously. That wherever I go I left a trail of generosity in my wake. That I was a philanthropist. That I gave outrageously.

I want people to say that I loved my Father.

That my love for Jesus set me apart. I don’t want to be known for being religious but by fierce outrageous love.

I want to be known for being a wife who is completely devoted to her husband. Who laid down her life constantly so his dreams could come true. I want to be known as the kindest wife whose husband was clearly the most loved man in the world.

I want to write books that go down in History. That people will tell how my writing changed their lives, their marriages their friendships and their leadership. I want to speak words that encourage and lift up and bring unity.

Gosh I feel like I could go on forever. This is such an incredible exercise. I would love for us all to do it.


What do you want to be said at your funeral?

Please write and leave your reflections. I would love to hear!


Until next time,

You are richly loved and cherished.


Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup


2 thoughts on “What Will People Say At My Funeral?

  1. Mark Greenwood says:

    I will say ALL of this about you at your funeral my love!

    1. Christine says:

      Oh how exciting….. Maybe I should write you a script

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