My Husband’s Four Week Detox – Part 4

The results so far

So this is our Final week. I have to say I have been so impressed by my Greenie. Aside from the cheat meal on Tuesday and chicken on Monday he has eaten mostly plant based and Loved It. He has lost 3kg. Which is almost a Kg a week. I am almost happy that he had that period where we were not eating well, as now he is able to tell the difference in how he feels.


What He ate this week

We have lived on probably 90% plant based with chicken on Mondays and once a week he ate out for lunch. There also was a pizza night in the mix for our dear friends birthday… Christmas time certainly is a tough time of year for a detox!



Always porridge with Almond milk Blueberries and banana. He loves it and while he is hooked on it we will stick to it!



It has been wholemeal wraps with Hummus and salad. I have been cooking mushrooms and asparagus with garlic to go in his wraps which he is loving. Also we have been adding whole beetroot which makes a HUGE difference as well. Make sure you get some good quality chilli sauces or relish. Amazing. Mark uses Culley’s hot sauce and says it’s the best. We got ours from Woolworths. Just so you know he also ate a burger this week with fries for his Tuesday cheat meal.



Monday, he ate an entire chicken. A whole one. And it took like ten minutes flat. Seriously. It was quite a sight to watch. He smothered it in Nandos hot sauce….Say no more.

For the rest of the week we plant based meals from last weeks recipes. An absolute favourite is the Cauliflower curry which you can get the recipe here.



We went for mostly long walks this week. Three times. Which makes all the difference in the world for our relationship. I find it is at these time without phones or any pressure as the sun is setting that we actually talk about things other than our days, or things we have to do. We unpack emotions or distil thoughts and ideas. My favourite part of the day.  Sometimes I convince him to walk to the Mt Gravatt shops with me which I love cause when we get there I get there 15 minutes head and shoulder massages which is life changing. Highly recommend.


The Coming Week 

Week Four Plan: This week is Festive so I am not cooking Lentils and I’m trying three new things! Your welcome Mark Greenwood.

Sunday – Glory Bowl We used to make this a lot and now that its summer I think we will again. It is easy. Don’t overthink it just use whatever is in your fridge with heaps of hummus.

Monday – Pea Pesto Pasta Delicious and so so good for you. I know that Mondays is Chicken but it is Christmas the next day so Mark can save himself.

Tuesday – Christmas Day! Auntie Betty’s ribs and everything else Delicious

Wednesday – Scalloped Potatoes This looks so delicious and Mark is obsessed with potatoes.

Thursday – Roasted Stuffed Butternut Squash I love Pumpkin so much.

Friday – Creamy Mushroom Alfredo. Oh my goodness I can’t even begin to tell you how much Mark is going to love this. He is obsessed with Mushrooms and I know he will just die for this.  It is all his favourite things. Mushrooms, and pasta! We should all make this.


There it is my beloveds! Four weeks are over.

Mark and I will continue to be roughly 80% plant based. It is so much better for you and than you have the flexibility of being in between.

Don’t forget to write in and tell me how you have gone in the last four weeks?

Have you lost weight, or gotten fitter, or both? Have you learned new recipes?

I love to hear from you.



Until next time,

You are richly loved and cherished.


Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

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