Our Epic 2018 – Part 1

A Wrap of 2018

It’s the end of 2018!

This marks the end of one of the most life changing, ground-breaking, frightening, and stretching years to date. I launched my first business ‘Dr’s Orders’, started a new role in a company as a travelling consultant, moved cities from Darwin to Brisbane, and started writing books.

My writing on this blog has been able to encapsulate my heart and I have shared the deepest parts of my heart with you all through my writing. It has been so special to have this space.

Thank you

I want to thank each and every one of you for your encouragement and for believing in me. You have been there from the beginning and in many ways walked this journey with me.

The four major areas which I have written about. Includes Relationships, Inside thoughts, Fashion and Health and Nutrition.

By far my favourite section has been Relationships. Here I bared my heart about everything relating to relationships in my life, especially within my marriage and friendships. Here is a summary of everything I wrote on Relationships in case you missed it the first time!

Relationships: A snapshot of the featured articles for 2018

The article, Comparison: Why it is a girl’s worst enemy is probably one of my absolute favourite articles this year. I had to learn this valuable lesson coming out of the highly competitive field of medicine. Coming out of the competitive medical field showed me however that comparison isn’t exclusive to a medical career.

Comparison is rife everywhere, including the business world and that of the church.

Especially amongst woman. This article is a powerful insight into lessons I learned that have changed my life.

I started to write about my favourite topic, marriage. Here I started with the article overtly celebrating my spouse, I than moved onto a six part series. Part one: Lessons I have learned about marriage Part two: Protect connection at any cost, Part three: Man flu, finances and Faith, Part four: Emotions Galore, Part five: Seriousness is not a fruit of the Spirit,  Part six: The most powerful weapon in my marriage.

I am completely obsessed with healthy marriage. I try to be as open and honest about my life as I write about this.

This marriage series is a little taste before my marriage E-Book which will be released in February 2019!

Also featured in relationships for 2018 are Mind games: Guarding your thought life. A lesson which I am constantly learning and relearning. Learned that one again today all over again while having inner angry thoughts while Christmas shopping.

When I started travelling I started to write letters via email to my husband as we are both not great at long conversations on the phone.  I have posted a couple here. You get a little insight into the life of what its like for Mark Greenwood to be married to me, they include Part one : Letters to my Husband (Canberra) and Part two: Letters to my husband (Perth).


I finished off the relationship section this year with a series on Friendship! I felt that this is a topic which I have learned so much about after I came out of a traditional medical pursuit. I reflect on this in this series, and I took a long hard look at myself. I wasn’t impressed with what I saw.. Part one: Friendship The pursuit, Part two: Friendship Soul Ties ( the Good Kind), Part three: Friendship:  Intentional not exclusive, Part four: Friendship: Pure and Unadulterated Fun   and we end with Part five: Friendship: The Danger of Distraction.

The relationship section ended with an epic article called 6 Couples: One Question How do you stay connected?  Here some of my dearest married friends gave insight on how as a couple they stay connected. I love getting insight into other people’s marriages and worlds and the wisdom and stories of my friends blessed my heart.

Relationships are a passion of mine. In all forms. Relationships in marriage, in friendships, in business, within the church, in families. Connection is everything. I want to make it a focus together in 2019. For as Shawn Bolz says “People are always our destiny.”

More to come!

In a couple of day’s, we will do a summary of my other exciting domains, including Health and Nutrition, Inside thoughts and Fashion.

Don’t forget to download your Christmas present, my new E-Book called “My life as a Preacher’s wife.”

May you have the most incredible Christmas and New year,

Until next time,

You are richly loved and cherished.

Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

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