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Our Epic 2018 – Part 3

A Snapshot of Inside Thoughts and Fashion in 2018.

Continuing on the reminiscence of what has been my craziest year of which I wrote about all through the year. The major Genres which included Relationships, Health and Nutrition, Inside thoughts and Fashion.

We have revisited the articles on Relationships and Health and Nutrition for 2018! Now for Inside thoughts and Fashion!

Inside thoughts: A snapshot of articles in 2018.

Here is a look inside the mind and life of Christine Greenwood. These articles are almost like a diary of my life and sneak peaks inside my thought life.

In my travelling job I catch endless Ubers. I have met countless Uber drivers and find them to be some of the most fascinating people I have ever met. Some of the most God appointed encounters and serendipitous moments have come on my uber drives. This inspired my Uber Adventures series. Part one Uber Adventures. Chemist Chaos, Part Two Uber Adventures, Singapore Sling. Part three The Inspiring Kind. This is so much fun to write and I will continue in 2019. I also started an Airport series Part one Who rides in first class?

I hit some hard topics and poured out my heart with An open letter to all Doctors and an Open Letter to Church leaders and Christian’s let’s grow up.

I celebrated my quirky self with Weird the new normal Part one and continued with Weird the new normal Part two. Perhaps by reading this you too will feel liberated to be exactly who you are with all your quirks and eccentricities.

I wrote about lessons learned launching our first business Dr’s orders in 6 things I have learned about Business. I let you into my thoughts while shopping with Random musings at the Plaza. This is article is hilarious if I say so myself. I than finish Inside thoughts for the year on a subject I think about ALL the time: What would people say at my funeral? This thought makes me stop to think about things and puts everything into perspective. 

Fashion: A Snapshot of articles for 2018

It is no secret that fashion is one of my greatest loves. I flipping love fashion and the creative expression of one’s self through what is worn. I got to express my love for fashion through articles such as Five Fashion Thoughts and Four life saving outfits, Four wardrobe essentials, 5 Australian Labels to wear to your party, and the Essentials of an Outfit, Easy Fashion.

If you missed any of my inside thoughts articles or the articles on Fashion please have a read.

That’s a Wrap!

2018 has been a great year. I feel profoundly blessed to share it with you.

And 2019 will be even more exciting!

I will be releasing four E-Books covering topics like Marriage, Dating and Generosity. On top of this there will be weekly articles. Moreover, Fashion will be a major focus in 2019 new Instagram series. This will include daily outfits for inspiration for you all in collaboration with my friend!

Get excited.

Don’t forget to get your Christmas present of my free e book ‘My life as a Preacher’s Wife.” The first of the series of e-books I am releasing this year. This one is free!

That wraps up our 2018! Bring on 2019!

Until next time,

You are richly loved and cherished.

Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

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2 thoughts on “Our Epic 2018 – Part 3

  1. Sarah Chees says:

    Ooh, I can’t wait for the daily fashion inspiration. Outstanding! Your blog has been a joy to read this year. Thank you xox

    1. Christine says:

      Thank you Sarah. You are amazing to me. I cant wait for the happy prophet!

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