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Facebook Market Place – My New Obsession

The last few weeks I have been dabbling in Facebook Marketplace! Gosh what a new and exciting world that I have stumbled upon!

The Stunner at the Airport

It all started when I was at the airport about 6 months ago. I was at my gate 20 minutes early, having a cup of tea waiting for my gate to open.  A stunning lady in her early forties was travelling with her husband and two children. She looked like she was of Indian descent and was absolutely stunning.  

Her hair was cut in a stylish bob. Perfect hair. You know those people? Shiny and sleek. Her brown almond shaped eyes had just the right amount of eyeliner and with statement bright red lips. She was dressed to impress with high waisted jeans pulled over a classy black blouse. She wore an elegant red belt that matched her lips. Her outfit completed with high black pointy shoes. Stunning!

The Black and Rose Gold Turn-lock Mimco Bag

However what really caught my attention was her handbag. She wore a large shiny black and rose gold Mimco turn-lock bag. Almost immediately I wanted one. I think it was more her, and her look rather than the bag. Nevertheless since that day I became obsessed with black and rose gold Mimco turn-lock bags. And I wanted one just like it.

My own black bag I have had for eight years which I got custom made in Bali. It was time for an upgrade. Now where to find such a bag? I knew the bag was Mimco. So I went to the Mimco shop at the next opportunity to find such a big beautiful bag exactly like the one I had seen retailed for $499.

I have nothing against spending for money for a quality item that you will cherish and keep indefinitely. In fact I promote and practice this concept. I am also realistic about living within your means at certain seasons in one’s life. It is not currently our season for spending so much on bags. So I shelved it in my heart and thought to myself that when the time came, I would save and splurge for a big black and rose gold Mimco bag!

Enter Facebook Market Place

Quite by chance I happened to be on Facebook some months later and noticed the marketplace section. I have previously never dabbled in this. Without expecting much I typed in Mimco black bags! Well, To my absolute delight three bags exactly like the one I wanted showed up! Less than half of the price. To make it even more convenient the ones that showed up automatically used my location from Facebook and they were all in half an hour of our house.


I found the perfect bag that I wanted. Used and a few years old but it seemed to be in excellent condition. It was still a little over my price range of what I could afford to spend. I did some nifty Facebook messenger negotiation. It was like Facebook bartering. Fabulous fun. The gorgeous girl agreed to reduce her price from $150 to $120. She told me she had been using it for a uni bag and now it just sat in her cupboard unused.

We agreed on a time for pick up and she gave me her address. Mark and I drove out to her house in a suburb which was about 30 mins from our house. That was an adventure in itself.

I believe that nothing is an accident, and that all appointments are divinely orchestrated by God. Hence I try not to miss an opportunity. I wrote the sweet girl a card of thanks, and prophetic encouraging word with a packet of my favourite cookies. We arrived at the address given to us. I felt a bit weird walking up to her door. It is quite vulnerable turning up to a stranger’s house you have only communicated with via Facebook. I knocked and the sweetest young girl opened it with my fabulous new bag in tow. She offered for me to look over it before I bought it. It was perfect. I gave her my present and an envelope with the card and the money inside. She trusted me and didn’t even look inside to check I gave her money. We hugged and than I left.

On the way home I was on a bit of a euphoric high. I got my dream handbag for a fraction of the price, got to connect with a random stranger over Facebook and give her a word of encouragement and love. She texted me  while we were in the car on the way home and told me that my words and present had made her day!

So after that exciting encounter, I have taken too Facebook Market place! It is so much fun to browse if you know what you are looking for. In my opinion, what a great way to reuse and recycle, get a great bargain of an item you need that someone else doesn’t want and  connect with a complete stranger.

I have become moderately addicted to Facebook Market place. Yesterday I bought a new Lorna Jane outfit from a sweet Asian girl. We met at the Kangaroo Point Lookout. She gave me my new outfit. I gave her my prophetic card with the money and a present! She seemed genuinely touched by my present and card. Mark thought she was crying as she walked away reading the card. So special.

This week’s challenge

What is something you want that is out of your price range? Find it on Facebook Marketplace. Than use it as an opportunity to bless a stranger with a card and present. They win. You win. It really is so much fun.

Until next time,

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup


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For your information I am using my black and rose gold bag every day and I love it. My Lorna Jane outfit I will try out today! If you see a little brown girl in a matching floral green Lorna Jane crop top and bike pants with a black Mimco bag in tow, that’s me! Facebook Marketplace people!

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