The Prophetic – How It Has Changed Me For 2019

The Prophetic – How it has changed me for 2019

Beloveds.. Today I want to share with you something that happened this week that deeply blessed my husband and I.

We received a message from someone very near and dear to us who is an executive pastor in a church on the NSW. In the short time Mark and I have known him, I have been deeply inspired by Him. He carries a regal air of wisdom, combined with humility and a child like faith. He is a respected businessman and passionate about impacting our every day lives with the Love of God.

Needless to say, every fibre of my being resonates with his passion for this

We connected immediately. Beyond this he is also very prophetic and I have been so inspired by watching Him integrate business, and ministry and the prophetic together.

A Prophetic Prayer and Word

He messaged us and told us that instead of giving ‘New Years’ Greetings to people, for those who are close to his heart he waits on the Lord and prays over them and then gives them a prophecy for their year. How incredible is that!

He then delivered this incredible word which was so accurate and resonated so deeply with us. I cannot tell you how encouraged we were and how profound the timing was. Also, the fact that someone that busy, with so much on his plate could find the time to give those close to him a carefully meditated prayer and word deeply touched us.

Prior to his prophetic word, Mark and I had been really asking God in the last week for more direction for specific things. In fact I felt quite discombobulated concerning certain things (The word of the week).  His word called out specific things on my heart, that he had no way of knowing and also was so reassuring in regard to business, finance and people I would meet in 2019. It was like God was saying, “Chill girl, stop your mapping and flapping. I got this.”

It meant more to me than I can say. And it could not have come at a better time.

This reminded me of how deeply powerful the prophetic is. It is so encouraging and so uplifting. No wonder the Bible teaches us all to deeply desire the prophetic. It is because it is such a tangible and encouraging way for us to experience the love of our Father and to share it with others.

Inspired to Follow Suit

After the prophetic word given to Mark and I, I felt so loved and reassured by God, it inspired me to want to do the same for others close to me. Since then, I have put my heart on some people that I loved and messaged them a prophetic word for the year. I pray they will be as deeply encouraged as I was.

Beloved ones. We are all prophetic. Prophecy is speaking out God given destiny over someone’s life. Reminding them what He thinks about them. It is a powerful way to connect someone to God’s love.

As it is a gift that grows by reason of use, the more we use it the more we will grow. Hence I exhort each of you for this week. Pick one person you love. Then ask the Lord what he sees for them in 2019. Tell them, or write it out and send it to them.

Just like I was deeply impacted and encouraged, it will deeply encourage them more than you know.,

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I am also on the countdown to release my book on marriage in February!

You are all deeply loved and richly cherished.

Yours truly

Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

PS. if you would like to learn more about the prophetic I highly recommend Shawn Bolz Podcast; Exploring The Prophetic.” I have found it truly life changing. It has had 1 million downloads last month. If you listen you will know why.

PPS Also my girl Sarah has also releasedThe Happy Prophet.” . You will find her engaging and delightful as she unpacks the prophetic on her new podcast channel. (Marky I added that link but can you check if you can get it on I tune).

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