Lavish Generosity – A Testimony

Lavish Generosity

I have a story to tell you, of the way Mark and I have been deeply impacted by the lavish generosity and love of a friend. We have been undone by her love and that of her families. Their love has modelled to us the intense way that the Father loves us. I wanted to share it with you all.

Our favourite place

We have a favourite place. It is Burleigh Heads. It is right where Mark proposed to me, on the beach. Our perfect day is a big walk together along the beach, coffee and a frappe and big ocean swim. Afterwards I love to buy organic treats from Helen’s heavenly bulk foods. Time in our favourite place signified rest, health and romance to us.

Out of the blue one of our beloved friends told us her family were going overseas for a week and wondered if we would like to use their apartment in January. Where was it? It was at Burleigh heads, about 75 steps from the beach, and from our balcony we could see the restaurant where Mark proposed. It was a unit in our favourite place. 

We couldn’t believe it

When she offered it to us, Mark was working flat out and I was travelling endlessly for my work. Knowing we had this in store in January signified a light at the end of a tunnel and helped us through the last few hectic months. It was such a hugely generous blessing.

Little did I know that the blessing had only just begun.

Better than a Five star Hotel

We arrived to an immaculate beachfront apartment. From the balcony I could (almost) literally spit into the ocean. The location was exactly where we would drive to and park for our romantic get away.

As we walked in, there on the table was an assortment of all our favourite things. There was Mark’s favourite wine, in the fridge was a bottle of bubbles (my treat). There were my quirky obsessions including Vegemite and seaweed. The fridge had whole pickled beetroot and organic gherkins and even a huge tub of homemade lentils (Mark’s favourite). As if this wasn’t enough she then had two gift vouchers to the best bakery in Burleigh (Mark is obsessed with croissants) and to Helen’s heavenly bulk bin… I nearly burst into tears.

Every bit of our stay was perfectly thought out from the clean crisp sheets to the immaculate towels on each bed to the organic soap in the shower. We have never felt so loved and touched to our core.

The timing of this was so profound. I am in a season of transition and having this opulent provision showed us two things. The love and generosity of our beautiful sister and friend and the impact that her generosity could have in our hearts and lives. Secondly it was as if our Father was reminding us of his lavish provision and his attention to detail. He knows all our desires and needs even more than we do and abundantly loves to spoil us. And spoilt we felt.

The week has been so far one of our most life changing weeks

In our favourite place, Mark and I got to walk and talk and just be together and reflect. We dreamt about our year in 2019, we reflected on our marriage, we prophesied and planned for our future years, and made important decisions and resolutions. To be able to do this in a place where he had proposed 12 years ago was so very special.

Our gratitude at this gift cannot be expressed.

Generosity and Love.

Enough to last a lifetime. We are so very grateful.

Until next time know this,

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

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  1. e.pereira says:

    So good Chris. Love you and Mark dearly. Mum

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