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Our Favourite Leadership Podcast

This week I was listening to one of my favourite leadership podcasts by Craig Groechel. (Craig Groechel Leadership podcast.) It brings practical wisdom and insights regarding leadership and the way it can be practically applied. Mark and I have found it deeply impacting.  

On one of the episodes, Craig was interviewing a man called Chip Health who wrote a book called The Power of Moments. This book is about how some experiences are crucial moments that build memories, sustain relationships, and build culture. One of the examples he gave to be able to implement ‘building moments’ was the introduction of ‘Surprise Saturday’.

Surprise Saturday

Here he talks about how he teaches families to have ‘Surprise Saturday.’ This is where he gives the option to their children to plan the Saturday. They have free reign to decide and plan. The parent’s job is to do everything in their power to say yes as much as they can.

Even though I am not a parent, I felt nervous when he unpacked this plan. For I felt like, the children, given this kind of freedom would plan ridiculously unachievable and expensive Saturdays leaving the parents would be doomed to disappoint.

However, he shared story after story of testimonials from parents whose children planned events which actually included everyday activities and quality time. One family of children asked their parents if they could all spend the afternoon together having a movie event at their house. They spend the afternoon together eating popcorn and watching Netflix. Others asked “can we hang out at the pool?”

He shared that it doesn’t take a lot of money to make a moment. It just takes engagement.

My own take of ‘Surprise Saturday’

I feel so inspired. While I don’t have children yet, I want to create a day at least every month for Mark. Surprise Saturdays. Here I want to endeavour to do something new. To create a memory with my husband.  This is a spin on letting Him plan the day. The reason is that Mark feels incredibly loved if there is a day planned out just for Him. He is a details guy. Plus in our business He takes the reigns in a lot of the planning and implementation so I know he will feel more loved if I take the reign at the planning of this.

They do not have to be expensive, or unnecessarily indulgent, I just have to be engaged. The very fact that he knows I planned the day for Him and me to share a new experience together will bless him beyond words

My mind is already churning. I will keep you posted on my first ‘Surprise Saturday’.

A trip to Inala markets and a weird Asian eatery perhaps?

Perhaps you can make a monthly ‘Surprise Saturday’ for you and your beloved? Alternatively, if you have children of the right age you can get your children to plan a Saturday see what the day leads to! How fun!

Beloveds, let’s build moments together

If you do implement a ‘surprise Saturday’ please write in and tell me all about it. 

One of my favourite parts of writing is hearing from you all.

My free E-Book is still available here: “My life as a preacher wife.”

Until next time know you are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

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