4 Things Changing My Life Right Now

4 Things Changing My Life Right Now

1. Full Focus Planner.

Greenie and I are addicted to our Full Focus Planners. It is created by leadership expert and bestselling author Michael Hyatt. He developed the Full Focus Planner for high achievers like you and I. We use it as our daily planner and annual goal setter. I am not exaggerating when I say it has genuinely changed our lives.

Each year Mark and I sit together and write our annual goals into our planners. We then articulate every goal separately and specify what quarter of the year we want to achieve this. We write down our achievement goals and our habitual goals. This gets re-evaluated and modified every three months. At the end of each week we spend time reviewing the week before, looking at our wins and highlights, as well as what our low points were. Reflection promotes appreciation and growth. We then plan and project our next week according to our monthly goal, other work and social obligations. We write the three major things that must get done that week, our ‘Big 3’.

‘What gets written gets done.’ Michael Hyatt.

I plan my day the night before in my Focus Planner. I write the three major things that I want to achieve that day, as well as other minor tasks that need to be done. There is also an hourly breakdown of the day to allow you to write in your specific meetings. This may sound complicated but it actually simplifies your life and goals become more achievable. To get the most out of the planner I would encourage you to watch the short online video that comes with your purchase.

Michael Hyatt designed this planner for high achieving people. If you need clarity, structure and love to set and achieve goals, than check it out. It has been a game changer for us. And no, I do not get paid by him to promote this!

2. The Enneagram

There was a fascinating study conducted at Cornell University with 72 CEO’s who ran companies with a net profit ranging from 50 million to 5 billion dollars. Research showed that the number one key predictor of success of these great leaders was self-awareness. When I heard this on a podcast I was deeply fascinated and soon realised that I want to be a successful leader! I also became aware that I have never intentionally taken the time to learn about myself.

I decided to explore more about the enneagram

In a nutshell, it is basically a model to determine your personality type. It explains that each person is predominately one of nine personality types. Once I completed the test and read up on my personality, it was as if someone had been spying on me! It was incredible! I have found it to be an extremely insightful tool that has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of myself. It has given me the kind of self-knowledge that has helped me understand the traits of my personality. I now know how and why I see and relate to people the way I do.

Even more profound, is that this insight has allowed me to see others through new eyes, eyes of greater love, understanding and compassion. I believe if used in the right way, the enneagram is actually very powerful for self-awareness, personal growth, kindness toward others and insight into how to lead yourself and others better.

An excerpt from the book I am reading “The Road Back to You” puts it brilliantly. “Working with the Enneagram helps people develop the kind of self-knowledge they need to understand who they are and why they see and relate to the world the way they do.”

Simply put, the enneagram sparks greater compassion and insight for others and yourself. I think it has empowered Mark and I with greater self-awareness, with how to lead ourselves and be the very best version we can be. It has given us a greater understanding of how and why we relate to others in a certain way. It also showed us potential growth areas and common pitfalls of our personality type to be aware of. Finally it offers guidance with how to best work with and lead other personality types.

Having listened and read widely about this topic, I have found Ian Cron’s book “The Road Back to You” the best explanation of the enneagram. Ian Cron is a bestselling author and enneagram teacher, psychotherapist and episcopal priest.

What I liked most about this book, is that it does not focus on the negative components of a person’s personality which can essentially lead to judgement and criticism. Ian Cron’s heart in this book is to promote self-awareness by the enneagram as a tool to deepen your love for God, yourself and others.

Having read it I believe that self-awareness is a key to longevity, health in life and leadership. I also believe that the enneagram is a vital tool to help with this.  

3. Praying everyday with my Husband.

This year one of our habitual annual goals that we set is praying together every morning. Prior to this we would do it as the opportunity arose, however had not incorporated it as a habitual daily habit. We got back from holidays and started our new ritual (which we had written in our habitual goals in our Full Focus Planner). Every morning we sit together and have our own time with the Lord, then we read the Bible out loud to each other and pray. It is so intimate and deeply powerful to do this together as a daily habit. Life changing.

4. The Chinese massage man at Mount Gravatt Plaza.

Oh my goodness I have found the best masseur. It is my new favourite thing. I get a half an hour neck back and shoulder remedial massage. Here I don’t even lie down or take my clothes off. I stay sitting up in a chair and Mr Chinese man works absolute magic. There is no talking or small talk (thank the heavens) and he has just the right amount of pressure. Best part is there is no post massage grogginess as I don’t have to lie down. It is so fabulous and I have a massive crush on my little masseur man. Such a blessing.

There you have it. My four current obsessions.

I would love to hear your thoughts. What is changing your life right now? Please write in!

Are you excited about my book on marriage? I am! On February 14th it launches on the day after I finish my other job! It gets real people! This is what I do now!

Until next time,

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

The Healthy Hiccup

4 thoughts on “4 Things Changing My Life Right Now

  1. Sharon says:

    So excited for you Christine! Setting yourself up for exponential growth! I agree praying together daily is so powerful and intimate and something we have committed to do daily and also taking communion together daily and giving thanks, reminding ourselves of what He has paid for helps up remember what is available for us

    1. Christine says:

      Thanks so much Sharon!

  2. Evangeline Pereira says:

    So good Chris. I really enjoy reaging your articles. You are developing into quite agreat writer. So good. I need to ecplore the enneagram a bit more but might struggle with the Focus Planner. Dad is so good with it though! Can’t wait for the next one! 😁😁❤️

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