4 Fun Things This Week

Four Fun Things.

Here are four things that gave, or are giving me so much joy this week!

1. The movie Green Book

This movie is about a bouncer from an Italian- American neighbourhood played by Viggo Mortensen. He plays a harmlessly racist Bogan whom a classy educated black pianist hires. He is hired to take him on a concert tour from Manhattan to the Deep south. This is set in 1962 where racism is rampant and enforced by the law.  The movie is named ‘The Green Book’ as this book outlines the few establishments that were safe for African Americans to stay in.

In the movie you are confronted with raw racism that breaks your heart, as this world class gorgeous black musician performs for upper-class white people who won’t even dine in the same room as him prior to the concert. Yet it is somehow full of beautiful humanity and humour as he and his driver, Viggo, build unlikely, but deep admiration for each other that is profoundly beautiful. While the deeper issues of racism speak deep to your heart, the movie still manages to be hilarious.

It really was one of the best movies Mark and I have seen in a long time

2. Nails with nail art

In the last few months I have got into SNS nails. Highly recommend. It is so much better than shellac as it makes your nail stronger and lasts for longer. I go to a gorgeous Vietnamise young girl who works on my nails with such dedication that I could mistake her for a doctor performing open heart surgery. Usually I go for safe colours which I know that I will love. This is white, red or a french manicure.

As a rule I never do glitter

The last time that I had my nails done, she convinced me to get nail art and one nail on each hand a difficult colour with a bright gold glitter. I know! I couldn’t believe I was saying yes even as I was saying yes. But you know, I loved it! Next time I think I will get red nails and gold nail art. Just a thought. You should try it. I think it makes me think even more creatively somehow…. 

3. Eating Watermelon with Chopsticks

Eating with chopsticks are ridiculously fun. Eating watermelon cut up in cubes and eating it with chopsticks takes that fun to a whole new level. My favourite thing. It promotes mindful eating as you can’t eat it very fast, I get to perfect a new skill (eating with chopsticks) and it is truly very enjoyable. A little weird, but try it.

4. Go for a big walk around your city

One afternoon last week, Mark and I parked at Southbank and walked a big circle through the university, all around the city and back to Southbank. It was incredible. Southbank has a huge community garden full of fresh herbs, there is a big flower bed full of sunflowers and a big community lagoon.

There are beautiful green manicured lawns for people to picnic or sit on, big lounging chairs and endless cafes and eateries. The city is bursting full of life with tourists, students and business men and woman looking very busy and important. There are markets, strange looking folk, buskers, eateries, road side stalls selling fruit and water, and if you go at the right time there are even markets right in the heart of the city! It was so delightful. We live less than 10 km from the city but I can’t remember the last time we just walked around our own city and took in the sites. It filled us with a big love and appreciation of where we lived. So good.

Have you walked around your city lately?

What are some fun things you are loving at the moment?

I would love to hear.

Until next time, know you are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

Reign In Life

Ps My marriage book is here tomorrow! HOORAY!

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