7 Things On My Romantic Bucket List!

7 Things I want to Do With My Love Before I Die.

Here are seven things I want to do with Greenie Before I Die. Now we are really diving deep inside my thoughts.

1. Go to the Maldives

I want to stay in a luxury resort (built by the most eccentric architect), equipped with a state-of-the-art spa, massages included and a fully equipped gym with an infrared sauna. I want to stay in a little hut with a glass floor over the water so that Mark can see all the sea creatures. He loves sea creatures. I want to be able to dive off our little veranda straight into the water and snorkel naked. I love to swim naked. I want there to be a selection of the most opulent fresh tropical fruit. Most importantly there must be mangoes. I want to drink lychee cocktails on the deck and talk to my love. If there are children involved, I want a local Maldivian nanny and around the clock child entertainment.

While we are there I should like to run into a movie star such as Halle Berry and we will become close friends, swap numbers and then I’ll be her health consultant, spiritual adviser and best friend forever.

2. Buy someone a house

I want to surprise someone by buying them their dream home. Seriously. Can you imagine? If I get excited about paying for someone’s coffee, think about the impact of buying someone a house? I would very creatively present the gift in the most elaborate and classy way. Ideally, I would put a giant bow around the entire house, however would settle for a big bow on the front door. I would arrange for them to be escorted there with a bunch of their closest family and friends. Together, Mark and I would be there to greet them and we would present them the house of their dreams. This is my greatest dream. Seriously I think about this all the time. All the time. I plan all the details in my head and make up fake characters…. even thinking about it gets me excited.

3. Live in Paris for a year and speak French with my love

Something about this is so deeply rich and romantic. Don’t you think? Ideally we wouldn’t need a car as we would cycle everywhere. We would live in a cute chamber and I would wear stylish French clothes. I don’t know anyone French and have never been there before, so I am not entirely sure why I want to live there. Except that everything I know about their culture I love. Most of all their dedication to fashion, their love for excellence and appreciation for food and fellowship. And I love that the French are often rude and abrupt. Hilarious. It really seems to be a place where Mark and I could settle in for a year with our family, learn the language and fall in love with the people and each other all over again.

4. Go to New York with Mark and buy an expensive handbag (I am talking obscenely expensive)

In New York we would shop ’til we dropped, sit in cafes and watch people all day long. Then I would sun bake in Central Park. Eat New York Food. Drink coffee at 10pm. Eat a pink cup cake like Carrie Bradshore (I don’t watch sex and the city anymore) and…do all the things New Yorkers do. I don’t really know what they do to be honest but it sounds fun.

5. I would like to be on The Ellen Show

I love Ellen. She is hands down, the funniest woman on the planet. And I want to be on her show. We will dance together. Play a game together. She will play a prank on me and I will be prepared to be petrified. Then we will give away a heap of free stuff together and she will invite me to her birthday party! It is going to be awesome!

6. Get a miniature goat

I have desperately wanted one ever since I saw someone walking their white, tiny miniature goat in Camp Hill nearly a decade ago. It was even wearing a little jacket. I picture Mark and I with a little miniature goat called Gary whom we would nickname Gazza. Gazza would wear a bright furry vest (not made out of goat’s fur cause that would be weird) and we would bring him to cafes. Seriously I can’t even describe the fun we would have.  

7. Buy my husband a Royal Enfield

This is his dream motorcycle. Every time we see one his heart beats faster. Every week we could plan a trip and I would get on the back in my Gucci leather jacket (currently sitting unpurchased in my online shopping cart). We’d go to the mountains and have picnics, go to the markets and do our weekend groceries. Maybe we will stop off at the beach for a swim on the way home. It is going to be glorious.

Surely to Reign in life is to Have FUN!!! Even having Fun needs some planning and dreaming right?

What is your Romantic Fun Bucket List?

Think about it and write it down. It’s deeply therapeutic.

And who knows. Some/ maybe all of them will come true.

Until next time know this.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink: Also, on my bucket list is to get laser hair on my entire body (except my head and eyebrows). Seriously. My. Entire. Body. Goodbye hairy armpits with your five-o clock shadow. Goodbye upper lip moustache, I am a lady and I don’t need you. Goodbye hair sideburns! I am not a Rabbi! Why are you here? I’ll be like a hairless seal. So wonderful.

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