4 Interesting Things for Your Weekend!


Happy Saturday!

This weekend I have a 1st Birthday Party. Then I plan to actually take a breath! Hoping to see a movie at Sunnybank Plaza! Why there? Because it is cheap. That is why. And they let you drink wine! B O N U S.

How has your week been?

Here are a few of the things I have been loving lately that you may want to check out for yourself this weekend.

Favourite Podcast. Essentialism: the joy of missing out

This is on The Ultimate Health Podcast where they interview Greg Mckeown about his message on Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. Episode 250. Are you incredibly busy but unproductive? Do you struggle saying No? Have a listen. I got SO much out of this podcast.

Favourite Recipe. Cauliflower Rice Paella

Paella has a lot of memories in the Greenwood household. My mum is part Spanish, Mark grew up eating his mum’s chicken Paella, and so even the smell of the dish brings back warm memories. BUT it is very heavy with all that rice right? Introducing Paleo Paella!! Made with cauliflower. I promise it makes is better! Texture is different, but still utterly delicious. I added peas to mine. I like peas. Greenie isn’t as big as a fan. But who cares? If he doesn’t like enough to pick out every single pea, than that is HIS problem. There are starving people in the world GREENIE!

Favourite Activity: City Cave Float

Getting naked in a darkened room and floating in salty water at the perfect temperature isn’t for you? How do you know?! You haven’t tried it! Greenie and I did! Do it people. New experiences keep you young and fun. These city caves are everywhere and something new and fun to try.

Favourite Article: A week of Outfits Susie Patel

I love looking at what people wear. And so this series where writer Jo Goddard takes different woman with different shapes, sizes and colours, and shows what they wear for a week is one of my favourites. Anyway have a look! The model is my newest crush: WHAT A HOTTIE. That kind of beauty should be illegal.

That’s all from me!

Remember to Reign in life is to self-care. So take some time this weekend. Listen to a podcast, read over a coffee on your own, sleep in and read in bed. Float in a cave… What ever you do….. SELF CARE SELF CARE SELF CARE.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

WINK: Airport Glory by John Crist the funniest white man alive. “Guitar Case? I bet that he’s famous.” Seriously it is like he is thinking my thoughts!

DOUBLE WINK: Trying to find a church on Vacation. AHAHAHAHAHAH

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