The 5 Qualities of a Leader

The Five Qualities of a Leader.

Can everyone be a leader?

Are people born leaders? Is leadership something that can be taught?

Perhaps it is the Skills that can be taught but the heart of a leader that cannot.   

And what if it is the heart or the Character of the Leader that is the most important of all.

Mark Miller is the Vice President of the High-Performance Team at Chick-fil-A.  Chick-fil-A are well-known in America as a booming franchise chicken business that is known for their commitment to excellent leadership, a culture of generosity, commitment to customer service, and dedication to the community. (see link)

One thing that Chick-fil-A is passionate about is leadership. Developing strong leaders within their companies. As a company Chick-fil-A spent millions of dollars on research on the topic of leadership with the hope to generate world glass leaders in their company. Mark Miller is responsible for developing the leadership curriculum and training at Chick-fil-A.

In their research Mark Miller and their team found that while you may have the finely-honed skills of a leader, people will not follow you if you don’t have the heart of a leader.

Leadership: 90% Character and 10% Skills.

Mark argues that the skills of a leader can easily be taught and learned. It is however, the Character of the leader that is the most important of all. This cannot be taught. It has to be developed by the person themselves.

Mark says leadership is 90 percent character. Character determines the Heart of a leader. The rest is skills which can be taught.

Many leaders have the skill. But if they do not possess character, people do not respond well to them. People will not follow them.

Great leaders have character. Great leaders have to have the heart.

Do you want to be the leader that people follow?

Here are five-character traits of strong leaders that Mark and his team found to be THE most important of all to determining and developing character in Leaders.

  • 1. Think others first

This is the cornerstone of servant leadership which Mark believes is the highest form of leadership. This comes from a cultivated ability to think others first. This may not be a natural instinct. It is counter intuitive. Ask yourself, what would happen if you would try to ‘add value to every person you meet?’

  • 2. Hunger for wisdom

All Great Leaders are learners. The best leaders are always learning. If you want to grow your business 10% a year you must grow yourself 10% that year. If you want to grow your business 20% than you must grow by 20%. Two tips: 1. Seek Feedback. Actively seek feedback on your performance. 2.Seek Counsel. This is different to feedback. This is seeking wisdom from people who have gone before you. 

“Your capacity to grow determines your capacity to lead.” Mark Miller. So keep learning.

  • 3. Expect the best

Believing the best about people and believing the best about outcomes is a vital trait of a leader. The spirit of Optimism grounded in reality. We are trying to rally people to a better future!! Who wants to follow a pessimistic leader? As a leader you have to expect the best from others and yourself. Of course grounded in reality, however always seeing the positive. For positive leaders have vision, they are able to see and pioneer solutions from problems.

  • 4. Accept responsibility

The best leaders don’t blame people.  Leaders are people, who at their core are willing to accept responsibility for others. “We messed up, and we are looking towards solutions to make it better for the future.” NOT “Sally messed up.”

  • 5. Respond with courage

Respond with courage. Courage in the little things and the big things. The willingness to act. The willingness to decide. Decisions to make decisions quickly.

How is that for Pearls of wisdom?

I listened to this podcast twice over!

Mark advises that each of us, whether or not we are leaders, self-assess ourselves on these five things. For leader or not, these are five traits that are vital to develop character and heart.

We should talk about these five topics with trusted mentors and ask how they think we are doing in these five components. For “The path forward is grounded in our current reality.”  Mark Miller.

Remember the only person that can actively develop character and heart is you.

Want to listen for yourself?

Listen to the podcast Mark Miller – The Character Traits You Need to Become a Strong Leader.

To Reign as a Leader, one must actively pursue Character.

Beloved. Let us become leaders with Character. Leaders with heart. Leaders that people want to follow.

Until next time,

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink: Who is your favourite celebrity leader? Mine is Oparah! She is wise and funny, and dreamy, and I love how she gets fat and skinny. I love how she gives away so much money. I love how she has had the same best friend for years. I love how she talks about important topics, and tough issues with wisdom and grace. I love her. I secretly want to be her. That’s all.

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