Four Fun Things for Your Weekend!

Four Fun Things for Your Weekend!

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend? We had a wedding this week and oh Gosh! The Bride!!! A beautiful Russian woman whose beauty was enough to make me fall over.

This is Not. An. Exaggeration. And the rest of her family? So HOT. Seriously that kind of generational beauty should be illegal. Everywhere I looked I was surrounded by Hot Russians.

This weekend on Saturday I have a woman’s conference. On Sunday I am desperate for an early morning Coastal Fix. I will try and convince my Man. I need a Burleigh Heads coastal walk and swim.

Here are some Interesting things that I loved this week that you might find time for over the weekend.

  • 1. Best Podcast. Do not Underestimate the Power of Appreciation by Adam Grant on the Podcast called Hurry Slowly. Brilliant. I listened to it twice AND wrote an article on it. (add link). So good. Here he talks about the untapped potential of appreciation. He talks about how appreciation is one of the single most sustainable motivators and yet we rarely go out of our way to express it. This podcast is insightful and powerful. Have a listen or read my article it was SO SO good.
  • 2. Best Book. I have a huge crush on Richard Branson. I am currently reading his autobiography. Losing my Virginity. SO good. And it has Photos. He is truly a King amongst men. He’s funny, down to earth, a genius and good-looking (If you don’t want to buy it I borrowed it from the Library).
  • 3. Your Local Library. Oh my goodness. I have recently joined the library. Are there any book nerds out there? Have you been to your local library? It is truly like a candy shop. It is outstanding. I HIGHLY recommend you go and check it out if you love to read. If you live in Brisbane the Garden City one is particularly next level. Great place to people watch as well.
  • 4. Coffee Date. This week Mark and I took our planners and went and had coffee at a café. We talked about our three biggest highlights from the week. We talked about our biggest low points. Than we shared our three biggest goals for the week. It was less than an hour, but we both talked about how it was actually the highlight of our weekend. Somehow doing this while out, made us feel so connected and loved by each other. Beloved do this with your spouse this weekend. If you are single do it with a close friend. It is invaluable for you and your friendship.

That’s all from me,

I pray you have the most incredible weekend.

Remember to reign in life is to self-care.

Take some time for you and the ones you love this weekend.

You are deeply loved and Richly Cherished,

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink: I am currently OBSESSED with eyebrows. Eyebrows make up 80 percent of people’s face. I noticed a good brow! It frames the face. Just yesterday I commented on someone’s fabulous eyebrows and she told me her secret…. Hair spray! She sprays her brows! Such a Fine Idea. Definitely going to hairspray my eyebrows which currently is more like a monobrow.

PS Did you like this? Catch up on last weekend’s Four Interesting things for your Weekend.

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