5 Recipes To Blow Your Mind


Are you looking for some cooking inspiration for this week? Need the ultimate chocolate cake recipe or dessert to take to a dinner party?

Here are some of my favourite clicks from around the web to inspire you this week.

I am trying to cook a new recipe every week.

  • Korean Rib Stew. There was a time in my life where Mark and I lived at South-port on the Gold Coast which was filled with Koreans and Korean restaurants. This recipe is nutritious and incredibly delicious.
  • Poke Bowel. In case you missed the memo. Poke Bowels are in!! Very Manhattan. Here is an easy recipe. I use cauliflower rice which you can get from Woolworths in the frozen section. Cauliflower is expensive at the moment!
  • Aubergine with Black Garlic. Don’t think about it just make it. It will blow your mind. And also if you don’t know this man Yotam Ottoleghi, he is known for his kindness amongst men and a champion in the culinary world. His theme is Middle Eastern cooking and he has a huge plant based emphasis.
  • A Delicious Chocolate Cake. This is delicious. To be clear it does have sugar but sometimes the occasion does call for cake. And if you are going to make a cake, let it be this one.

Remember variety is the spice of life.

Try a new recipe this week!

To reign in life means to try new things and cooking is No exception.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink: I purposely DID NOT include chicken as Greenie is so obsessed with chicken. It is weird. He would eat it every single day if he could. Twice a day. I am not sure why that is annoying me today but it is! It’s time to try some new things Greenie!

P.S Connection. An Easy Dinner Party Menu.

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