Happy Weekend – 5 Things!

Happy Weekend!

How was your week? Mine was extremely full and for some reason everything felt challenging. This weekend I think we should all be Kind and Gentle to ourselves. Be sure to make room to do something just for you.

Here are some of my favourite things from this week.

  • 2. The Best Podcast. “The Power of Using your Business to Champion a Social Cause” from the Building A Story Brand Podcast. During Shannon Sedgewick Davis’ interview she shares details about how she used her company to bring down a Ugandan Warlord who was responsible for decades of genocide, child armies and destruction in Africa. I listened to it twice and it was the highlight of my week. If you are a business man or woman please, please listen to this (make sure you listen past the ad) or read my article here (add link).
  • 3. The Best Album For King and Country – Burn the Ships.” It is available on Spotify. Goodbye cheesy Christian music!! Hello excellent creative, fun, and clean glory! Listen to it. I LOVED it! Especially the Song JOY. It helped me this week when I needed to CHOOSE joy.
  • 4. The Perfect White tee. Fashion trends come and go, but the perfect white tee will always be a staple in every wardrobe. Please do not buy cheap nasty white tees! And Girl if you don’t have one, make it your mission for this weekend. Think White tea and denim short, white tee and jeans, white tee under cute overall/ dress, white tee and statement earrings or scarf….. Seriously. Get a good white tee.
  • 5. Dr Caroline Leaf gives the most liberating view on mental health. She refuses to pathologize the mind issue. She does not call mental health concerns an illness or disease but rather symptoms that show that something is going on in one’s life. Things like intrusive thoughts, stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, grief, bad habits, and many more are symptoms of deeper issues that are not right in our lives. Through years of clinical experience and research she has practical tools for many different mental health concerns that DO NOT only involve medication or meditation. While there is nothing wrong with those two things, there is an unbalanced reliance of them in the mental health department, and Dr Caroline Leaf is a new voice of hope in the world of mental health. This incredible lady is changing my life. Start by downloading her podcasts here, episode 12 is a great introduction to her views on mental health. If you have a desire to improve your mental health, or have symptoms of anxiety, depression, or have had a mental health diagnosis in the past, or habits in behaviour or thinking that you want to break please please get into her podcasts and books. Her most recent book “”Think Learn Succeed which I can’t wait to get stuck into.

That’s it from me this week!

Remember that in order to reign in life you must take care of you first. To reign in life is to self-care.

So do something for you, and only you this weekend,

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink – Does anyone else browse on Facebook Marketplace and wonder “Why on earth are they selling that?” Seriously there is a time where things must be laid to rest. Target or k mart clothes? Not resalable! Second had running shoes 20 years old? Probably time to let that go. Nobody wants to pay 20 dollars for that ugly necklace dear one! And your old crockery? I don’t think even the Salvation army would say yes to that. THROW IT AWAY! Am I being too harsh?

P.S. Happy weekend. Find my favourite inspirations from last week.

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