Kindness – Our Greatest Commodity – A Poem

A Poem On Kindness.

I heard a profound statement once that I have never ever forgotten. It features my favourite quality with which I have become besotted.

It reads:

“There are three important things in life, that are become increasingly harder to find.

The first is ‘to be kind.’ The second ‘to be kind.’ The third – ‘is to be kind.’”

Kindness is life changing, of this we cannot contest,
But though it’s quality I love so much, it’s definition is hard to profess.

And although a chunk of time I spent trying to clarify what it is,
I think the easiest way to communicate it’s meaning is illustrations instead to give.

The person in my life of whom kindness is truly displayed
Is in my husband Mark Greenwood who demonstrates kindness in effortless ways,

The kindness in him is the outworking of the love he has for me,
Which no doubt flows from the God who set him free.

Kindness is when at 6:00am he wakes with a jump to my chatter,
Rapidly telling him of my new ideas before his eyelids have had a chance to batter.

For a night owl is my husband, where he is up late taking ground,
While the morning is my space, where my creativity is found.

Yet with great kindness he wakes to a wife who’s somewhat manic,
He makes me coffee and tries to contribute even if he would rather me take a Zanac.

He gets up every time no matter how late he stays up the previous night,
For he knows that I love his company in the morning and never puts up a fight.

Kindness is when he sends me photos whenever he goes away,
For work and other commitments prevent me from being with him every single day.

But he takes time, every time we are apart at any event,
To deliberately send me photos so in part I am always present.

Kindness is when he sits down to my meals day in and day out,
And even if I have cooked the same old thing, his gratitude is never in doubt.

For he eats with such gusto and thanks me with sincerity each and every time,
I never feel taken for granted for my meals continue to, “Blow his mind.”

Kindness is when I let my emotion rule and I snap at him in irritation,
He rarely reacts and only responds with maddening patience and dedication.

Dedication to always treat me according to his deep affection for me,
He never embarks on a retaliation mission of displaying my own wrongs for me to see.

Kindness is the way he cleans the house from top to toe every single week,
The house shines and he commands that vacuum as if his joy is truly at it’s peak.

He does it because he knows how much I hate to clean,
So he scrubs, hoses, shines and disinfects until off the floor one could glean.

Kindness is when he corrects me gently when he knows I am wrong,
But he does so with love and never forgets that with me he can’t come on too strong.

He picks his time and chooses his words and speaks with patience and love,
And I always know that he is almost always echoing the Father’s wisdom from above.

Kindness is the way he treated me when a loss came into our lives.
Where waves of deep sorrow went through me so deep I didn’t know if I could survive.

I would sob night after night and often lie awake in deep emotional pain,
My husband never hurried my grieving or asked for me to explain.

Instead he stroked my hair, held me tight and gave me time to confide,
And with the utmost kindness helped carry me though a season where my pain was too great to define.

Kindness was the way he never compared his mourning to my own,
Instead he chose to just love me and I knew I was never alone.

Kindness is in the small things he does consistently in my life,
The car he fills up, the doors he opens and my successes that he tells with great pride.

The way he maps out my dreams, puts up my articles, and administrates my life,

The way he gently exhorts me to make my writing much more concise.

Kindness is everything. It’s what makes my marriage a joy and a gift,
While hard to define the fruit of it is total and utter bliss.

And if there was one thing I could advise that forever your marriage would bind,

It would absolutely, without a doubt be this: “To stay forever kind.”

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink: I feel sad today as we had a funeral this week. I do not feel like winking. I would love to know, however, what is the kindest thing that your spouse or anyone else has done for you?

PS 7 things on my romantic Bucket List.

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