4 Of My Favourite Things For The Week

Four of My Favourite things for the week

I listened to this just this morning and it has occupied my thoughts all day. Debbie Travis is an incredible woman who is a home designer, television host and producer, public speaker and a best-selling author. Many years ago, during a trip to Italy for a TV series, Debbie and her crew were struck by the priority that the Italians placed on connection and relationships with one another. Their entire lives evolved around it. She shared a story about a day when her whole team were filming in the countryside at lunchtime. An old Italian Nonna, saw them filming and invited the entire TV crew into her home and cooked for them. She shared how the hospitality and kindness displayed during this meal deeply impacted her. They valued relationships and connection over everything.

Inspired by the Italian way of life, Debbie’s idea of starting her own retreat was birthed. The concept behind her idea was to invite people from all over the world to come together and provide them an opportunity to be immersed in this lifestyle for seven glorious days. She embarked on a five year project which involved her moving to Tuscany, finding a run-down homestead on an olive farm in the country side and renovating the old building into a 14-room retreat. Fast forward to today and she now hosts Tuscan Getaway. She has created a space for people to come from all over the world to take time to play and connect. People who are mostly strangers at first, come together to connect together over food, cooking classes, wineries and shopping for fresh produce at local farmers markets. They dream together, get to know one another and connect on a deep level. It provides people the opportunity to rediscover themselves, are given permission to dream with people who see them through fresh eyes, and are taught how to play again in the most lavish of settings. Her story is so inspiring and a reminder of how we all crave connection in its truest form. I loved it and know you will too.

This was actually the highlight of my week. We went with our close family friends the Furlongs. The walk is about an hour from Nerang hidden in the Gold Coast hinterlands. Seriously it is one of the best bushwalks I have been on. The drive up through the rolling mountains was glorious. But that was only the beginning. The walk is filled with waterfalls, breathtaking trees, springs, and water holes. There are look outs with sweeping views of the entire Gold Coast. The walk takes about 1 and half hours (or longer depending if certain members decide to dive in and swim or other members stop to take photos with random Asian tourists). The whole walk is around about 4km. Suitable for the entire family. On the way home there is a quaint little fudge, ice-cream and tea shop. The lady that runs it makes all the fudge herself and is as cute as she sounds. Seriously. Does it get any better? It is the perfect place to go to reconnect with God, each other, and enjoy the most breathtaking nature. I want to do this once a month.

  • 3. Favourite Recipe – Cucumber Salsa.

Do you remember last week we went to that Asian restaurant called Spice Bar? My favourite dish was the cucumber side dish? Well this week I made my first attempt to re-create this. I chopped up cucumbers finely, added rice wine vinegar, a splash of sesame oil, some toasted sesame seeds and finely chopped a deseeded chilli. Results? Magnificent.

  • 4. Favourite Fashion Item.

I am LOVING the colour – mustard yellow. Check out this silk shirt from Zara. Also I Love this suit also in that same gorgeous mustard yellow. I am all for investing in a quality suit like this. Seriously. I am not sure why the model looks so deeply unhappy wearing such glorious attire. A staple like this is a worthy investment. Personally, I think there is nothing better than a Gal in a killer suit. However, you could also mix it up. Match the suit trousers with a different shirt and the blazer with different pants such as jeans, shorts and other dresses. For example, I wear my blazer with shorts and high heels for a less formal, more festive look. Gorgeous and fun.

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink I am trying to stick to only four things so I have to add this in here. My absolute favourite treat at the moment is those Banjo Carob Bears. Seriously. Get into my mouth. I am not sure they are really a healthy alternative, as they still contain sugar, but they sure are delicious. I get them every week as they are sold at our local fruit store.  A bit expensive though. If only they were sold at Aldi.

P.S Five Fun things for your weekend.

P.P.S  Four Fun things for your weekend.  

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