4 Fun Things from my week for your Weekend.

4 Fun Things from my week for your Weekend.

Beloved what are you up to this weekend? We had a conference during the week and I got to speak! I was so passionate about what I was speaking about I started crying and some of my notes flew away… But I think it went okay. A lot of what I spoke on is in the article “Are you living out your destiny.” If you’re interested you can read about it here (add link). 

Mark is super tired and so am I. I’m about to cook him an opulent Chicken Curry.  It is his favourite. After church we can come home to a delicious curry, some wine and a movie.

Here are the things I have loved this week.

  • 1. Podcast. A conversation with Tony Robbins I listened to this on The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher.  This man… seriously. He is the chairman holder of a company of 40 businesses, with combined sales exceeding 5 billion a year. But this podcast is all about generosity. From the time he started he burned to make a difference. To Give. He talks about when he first started up and had 19 dollars in his pocket left. He used it to pay for a little boy and his mother to have dinner. His opulent generosity has not stopped as he has made thousands, then millions and billions of dollars. Amongst countless other things, he has provided 400 million meals to Americans in three years and aims to increase that to 1 billion within seven years. He is an inspiration and so very interesting. For example, every morning he plunges himself into his pool of freezing cold water. He claims it keeps him invigorated and disciplined…. My kind of human. Rich, generous and super weird.  I LOVED this podcast. Seriously have a listen, it is the epitome of inspiration.
  • 2. Favourite Recipe: Okay So I mention I was cooking a chicken curry for my Greenie? Well beloveds, I will give you the ingredients so you can make it too. I get a whole chicken (organic from Aldi’s) chop it up into pieces. Add a can of coconut milk. Two-Three Heaping tablespoons of Larich Paste, add 8 cloves of garlic, one chopped onion, and two fresh tomatoes chopped. Add a dash of lemon juice, add it all together in the pot, and bring to the boil. Once boiling, simmer for 45-50 mins till chicken is falling off the bones. Your welcome.

PS Larich Paste can be bought at some Indian/Asian Grocery stores; it is a special Sri Lankan curry paste. It is the best, but if you don’t have this just use any curry paste of your choice. 

  • 3. Favourite Activity: It has been a hectic week of meetings, preparing for workshops and conferences, so this morning, Mark and I kept it quiet. Having time to clean, write, and shop with my man…. Priceless. Doing the Ordinary things with my extraordinary best friend. Soon we will go to our fruit shop where I will get groceries and my carob bear. Then to Aldi’s for our meat supply. Finally, to the bottle shop for tonight’s wine. It is actually the perfect morning. Tonight after church we will eat curry and watch a movie. Beyoncé has a new movie on Netflix called Homecoming….
  • 4. Favourite Purchase of the week. I went to the Salvo’s around the corner from my house and found this gorgeous white dress. It is flowy and glorious, and long with sleeves. Best part? Seven dollars! Have you checked out the local Salvos near you? Sometimes they have some absolute winners, brand names and everything.  Many of my favourite pieces are second hand. Go have a look. Be committed to really get in there and search.  You might be ultra-surprised by what you find. Speaking of outfits, I LOVE this hot pink number from Witchery. If you don’t think you can pull of Hot Pink, I bet you can!! Life is too short to not stand out!! Give it a go.

That’s it for me for the week.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink: I think Tony Robbins and Oprah are friends. We will probably have lunch, just the four of us. Oprah, Tony, Greenie and Me. I might make them my chicken curry. Or perhaps I will teach Oprah’s private chef how to make it. Anyway…. I will let you know the finer details when it happens.

P.S Enjoy this? Catch up on last week! Four Interesting things for your Weekend.

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