What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t.

What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t.

This is the title of a book written by a lady called Ann Marie Sabath. Fascinated by the lives and habits of people who are self-made millionaires she researched, interviewed and then wrote a book on the skills she saw harnessed amongst these self-made millionaires.

I listened to an interview by Ann Marie Sabath, where she divulged some simple straightforward success secrets that she uncovered in her research of interviewing hundreds of millionaires. All of whom were self-made.

There were a few points that she shared from her research and from her own life that really stood out to me. Here are a few of the points I want to share with you:

Write down your goals

When Ann asked people if they write down their goals, she often hears “I have them in my head.” Big deal she retorts (her words not mine).

Ann tells this story.

She had 100 MBA students from Harvard. Smart Students right?

She asked the 100 how many had goals. She reported 84 had no goals. 13 had goals that were only in their mind. Three had documented goals.

Ten years later, the same 100 individuals were found on linked in. The same 13 who had goals in their mind, were making twice as much on average as the 84 with no goals. The 3 individuals who had written down their goals were making on average ten times more than the 97 other people!

Ann also shares that she believes in ‘walking in it, not talking it.’ In other words, let your life speak louder than your words. She says when you walk it, you are living what you want, rather than telling the whole world about your goals. In my opinion, I think tell a select few people who you know will encourage and build you up in your destiny.

Be eternally optimistic

Ann talked about the importance of no matter what life throws at you, how bleak the circumstance is, to always always look for the brighter side. Use positives rather than negatives. Millionaires, no matter what, were able to find the positive side and pick themselves back up, time and time again.

Be on Time

She reports the importance of being ten minutes early. When you can manage your time you can manage your money. This goes for being on time for appointments, as well as getting things in PRIOR to the deadline. She says whatever you will do, then do it early. In fact she herself, always has her projects into her publisher early. She reports, if someone is late to a meeting, she knows that they cannot afford her. She asks, if they cannot manage their time for a simple appointment how can they manage their money? This lady was speaking my language.’ When you’re early’ she says, ‘you’re on time. When you’re on time you’re late: when you’re late you’re out of luck.’ When you start being consistently early for engagements, than this is a great indicator that you can manage your finances. She reports that we all have the same amount of time, and there is no excuse.

Carve out time to think

Ann reports the importance of carving out time to think. In fact one of the 52 skills of a millionaire is exercising at least 5 times a week. The benefits of exercising is that it is a great way to get time to think. She reports when she exercises, such as swimming, she creates margin in her life, that allows time to think and reflect. Here is where the creativity flows.  Here is where she gets clarity. Carving time to think and reflect is one of the millionaires’ skills.

Mind your thoughts

Your thoughts become your reality. What you think and dream you can actually have. Just like the saying ‘you are what you eat.’ What you think about is what you become. Therefore what you think about, what you read, what you listen to, and what you feast your mind on is what you become. What you put your mind on is what becomes your reality. This was a common theme for the millionaires.

Go shopping every day in your closet

The shopping therapy according to her? “It’s Baloney.” That doesn’t mean you don’t ever buy things. It just means that they are premeditated purchases. They are pre planned. Be proactive, not reactive. Pre plan the purchase. Don’t buy things reactively. She stresses that millionaires plan purchases well in advance with measure in accordance to what one can afford. Then when you buy it, buy quality, enjoy it, and you will probably have it for years.  Ha! That means that I can buy these one day Greenie. Maybe in five years’ time or so.


This was only a snippet into a wealth of golden nuggets. These are all things I think we can incorporate into our own lives, regardless of your aspirations to be a millionaire, it is important to building character. However I don’t know about you, but I definitely want to be a millionaire.

If you want to know more about Ann and her philosophies she wrote a book called

“What Self Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t.” Ann Marie Sabath. Here she gives 52 common sense practices that millionaires instil into their lives. 

The podcast that I listened to was called Millionaires Success Secrets from Vibrant Happy Woman. It was deeply fascinating.

In order to reign in life, we need to learn from those who are really excelling in certain areas of their life. Especially finance. These are all things which I think that we can incorporate into our own lives. Myself included.  

Also just in case there is anyone that needs to hear this.

There is NOTHING wrong with desiring to make A LOT of money. Why can’t we be the rich benefactor for people to make their dreams come true! That is what I want to be.

You are deeply loved and deeply cherished.

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink: Disappointingly Annie reported that most of the millionaires she interviewed were not the type to be running around flashing the Louis Vuitton shoes, apparently, they blend in. They are often not flashy….. I don’t know how I feel about this. I kind of want to be flashy. Is that superficial? Oprah is flashy right?

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  1. Ruth says:

    Loved this. Especially the part about writing it down. I have too many goals that are just in my mind. Pen and paper are coming out. ❤️

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