4 Favourite things for your Weekend.

Four Favourite things for your Weekend.

How was your week? Gosh mine was a mismatch of dinners, new clients, writing, business meetings, new friends, and speaking. In amongst all that here were my favourite things.

  • 1. Favourite Podcast: Millionaire Success Secrets with Ann Marie Sabath was my podcast of choice this week. Ann Marie was a self-made millionaire who divulges some simple secrets that have been the key to many self-made millionaire’s accomplishments. She should know, she interviewed an ocean full of them. What I like about these is that they are all skills that we can do right now. They are life skills not resources. So there are no excuses. It was very motivating and fascinating.
  • 2. Favourite People: Greenie and I met Chris Gore about 7 years ago. He is an incredibly inspiring man who is the director of Healing ministries at Bethel Church. He has a passion to see ordinary people like you and I walking in healings and miracles, and has dedicated his life to seeing this. He has seen unspeakable miracles. He can tell you story after story of miracles that show the obsessive love of our Father and His desire to see us walk in freedom and health. When we met him 7 years ago we were inspired by his life and his kindness. Despite seeing 1000’s of miracles, he is yet to see his daughter healed of a condition that keeps her non-verbal, and in the need of around the clock care. This week we got to hang out with him as he preached at The Academy Bible school. Chris and his intern Carlos, were as kind and humble as they were wise and inspirational. Mark and I fell in love with both of them and felt like we had found long lost family. We plan to kidnap or stalk them and their families as often as we can to spend more time together. If you don’t know about Chris and his ministry, please have a look at his website and listen to some of his sermons. He will change your mind about healing, freedom, miracles and the goodness of God. Guaranteed.
  • 3. Favourite Activity: This week my highlight was hosting a lunch for the worship team of Kingdom Culture Church on the day that they were recording their live album. Listen to them here singing Perfect love.  There is nothing that excites me more than watching people step out into their destiny. And this young team of young worshippers, lead by the gorgeous Jessie Rose Rayner, do it so well. I made them Tandoori Chicken which was a winning recipe.
  • 4. Favourite Purchase: Mark and I are on a strict budget as we are in a season of building up our business. So I have purchased a lot of things in my head this week.  It has been so much fabulous fun. Here are some snippets. Zara is on point with their fashion this winter. And worth the price I think! This basic yellow dress from Zara. Also available in black. Loving this jumpsuit and also have a hot crush on the model. Also adore this grey on grey assumable from Zara. Less excited by how mean the model looks in that photo. Finally for those of you who have a wedding or special occasion on? This red dress from Camilla and Marc. Someone buy it and wear it please. It is outrageously delicious. The white blazer? Also a winner.

That is it from me!!

I adore you all and am grateful for each and every one of you.

Yearning to see my tribe reign in life in every area.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood.

Reign in Life


Oh I also watched Homecoming: a film by Beyoncé. It was available on Netflix and I watched it. Greenie did to. We were memorised. Seriously. The glory and the creativity. Not to mention the work that goes into creating a huge show like that!! The saddest part was that the whole time I pretended in my head to be one of the back-up dancers on Beyoncé’s show. Only joking (no I am not).

P.S Did you get last week’s Four Fabulous things? Catch up here.

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