An Open Letter To All Teachers…

An Open Letter to All Teachers

Our Beloved Teachers,

We celebrate you and thank you. Our world as we know it, would not exist without you.

Thank you

Thank you for choosing this calling. For teaching is a calling, not a career. You burn to teach, equip and educate. For this you have given your life. The next generation is literally being shaped by your hand. We thank you.

Thank you for the late afternoons, nights and weekends you spend lesson planning. It isn’t a 9-5 job and you deserve every holiday you get. Thank you for those late nights you spend marking, and those tireless hours you spend reporting. You spend so much time working behind the scenes, that no one would know about. We thank you.

Thank you for the boundless energy you spend in front of the class teaching. Every day you give a part of yourself. Even the most seasoned speakers would agree that the toughest crowds are groups of children, adolescents and teenagers, and yet you do it every single minute of your day. You always have to be on, positive, selfless and abounding with energy. We don’t know how you do it. We thank you.

Thank you for going on endless camps, day trips and adventures with your students. We know that camping/glamping ceases to be fun once you are 20, but you still show up every year with a grin for that adventure camp all over again. You pretend to enjoy Dreamworld for the 100th time and you endure the field trips and gracefully pretend that there is nothing more fun than taking a group of 100 excited unruly students into the public. How you maneuverer them through the zoo and don’t lose anyone is nothing short of a miracle. Who could blame you when you do? No matter how many times you tell them where the meeting point is, there will always be one child who manages to get so creatively lost, you don’t even want to know the story of how they got there. Any person’s worst nightmare, but you do it so well. We thank you.

Thank you for the endless sass and at times hostility that you take. Children who believe they are wiser than King Solomon and that it is their God given right to teach you from their bank of knowledge. You pretend to be grateful. You discipline with endless patience, humour and kindness. The rare outbursts that you have are so fine. Goodness if many of us were in charge, we probably would have lit the school on fire by now. We are thankful it is you not us.

Thank you for the endless hours you spend talking to parents. Managing excuses for why assignments are not turned in on time, or while children were sick or late. You have heard it all. And you somehow manage to keep a straight face. Thank you for putting up with many well intentioned, however frequently misguided or helicopter parents who love to offer you advice on their children and how best to teach your class. Many times you accept the blame for things not you’re doing, and most definitely not your fault. Yet you are gracious and eternally kind. And we thank you.

Thank you for seeing the potential in every student. Seeing them for their created destiny no matter what they may look like at the time.  For speaking into their lives. Giving your life to raise them up. Each one of us has a story of how a word from a teacher, or a class while growing up inspired us, changed us, and propelled us into the destiny of who and what we are today. We thank you.

Thank you for being mothers and father of many. In many ways you co labour with parents around the world to raise their children. You are entrusted by the most precious people in our worlds and gosh you do a fine job. In other cases, your classroom may be the only safe place for many students. Your kind words might be the only thing they hear today that builds them up. The power of your words, and the impact you have is invaluable. There is no telling what goes on in the lives of students. Every day you show up, you make a difference in the lives of our next generation. We thank you.

We thank you for giving of yourself year after year.

Minute after minute.

Hour after hour.

Day after day.

You are selfless, tireless, and an endless well of wisdom. You are the secret heroes. The building blocks of our community. And have the biggest impact on shaping our next generation.

Thank you for Everything you do.

Teachers today we celebrate you,

Yours sincerely,

A loving student, parent, human, somewhere.

Written By Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink. In high school I had a crush on my HPE teacher. Along with every other female in the school and probably half the cohort of teachers. He was dreamy. He rode a bike and shaved his legs. And when he used to demonstrate how to do high jump with the grace of a Giselle  our hearts would melt even more. HPE became optional in year 11 and 12. Needless to say, it was bursting at the seams.

P.S. Kindness. A poem For my Greenie.

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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter To All Teachers…

  1. Lydia says:

    Whoa!! Thanks for writing this Christine! Very encouraging!

    1. Christine says:

      Your so welcome sweet one

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