4 Fun things for Your Weekend

4 Fun things for Your Weekend.

Beloved. What are you up to this weekend?

This weekend I have a cooking class and a dinner party with some of my closest friends.

Here are my highlights from the week.

Favourite Podcasts

The Healthy Hustlers Podcast. Lorna Jane//How to follow your intuition to build a global empire.

Lorna Jane is one of my inspirations. She started in 1989 and now has over 200 retail stores. However, what is most impressive about Lorna is that she has started this culture of woman who are inspired to fearlessly pursue their wildest dreams. I found it so encouraging to hear her as she talked about how it all began for her. She started sewing her own clothes for herself as a personnel trainer. After requests, she started to sell a little clothes rack of ‘active wear’ next to her class. Soon she opened up her first shop and went on from there. I found listening to this incredible woman who has literally built an empire, so encouraging. She never overthought things, wrote her goals, and literally just did it. One step at a time. It made me see that anything is possible if you believe and don’t give up. If you’re an entrepreneur or just starting out in business, I think you would love this podcast as well. Surprising things I learned about Lorna? She eats dessert every night and her husband is the CEO of her business. Just like my Greenie.

Favourite Activity

Twin Falls Circuit Bushwalk.

Remember how I told you a couple of weeks ago we did the walk at Springbrook national Park? The Twin Falls Circuits one? We did it again this Sunday. Left at 630am so it was bright and briskly cold and all together glorious. It was even better the second time. Greenie and I did it with some of our favourite ones, and seriously my love tank was filled up for the rest of the week. Nature, connection, friendship, adventure, exercise, my husband…. Need I say more? Please get down there you will not regret it AND you can take your kids.

Favourite Person

Brene Brown

This incredible woman is changing my life and the lives of those around me. I discovered her when she was recommended off a podcast and I also listened to her book on audio, Dare to lead. I loved it so much I got Greenie onto her, and other close friends who we lead with. It is literally reshaping and changing our lives. She teaches on vulnerability, transparency and connection. She now has a new Netflix series called Call to Courage. Read one of her books, watch a ted talk, or start with her Netflix show…. Please. It will change your life, the way you think and act, and the way you lead and lead others forever.

Favourite Fashion Item

I absolutely Adore this elegant Grey Dress from Morrisons. It is a splurge but I have another dress from Morrisons and I have worn it faithfully for five years and I still LOVE it. This High waisted white pants from Bec and Bridge who are Australian Designers is another worthy investment. While you are at it check out their Blazer dress. Dreamy! Here is something more affordable while you are saving up. A creative tie up grey sweater. And finally DO NOT be afraid to wear socks with your heels. I do and it looks fabulous. 

That’s it from me. Know this beloved, I am so eager for each of you to reign in life.

To do so means to connect with one another. Move your body and get outside in nature.

Be inspired by inspirational leaders of our time.

And from time to time treat yourself. You deserve it.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life


I am still window shopping rather than real shopping (budget time). However, my wish list is building up. Plus I load my shopping trolley with things that I will never buy and it gives me A LOT of joy. Try it. It is super fun. And a little scary with how quickly you can rack up a price tag that even Oprah would find concerning.

PS Did you miss last week’s Four fun things? Catch up here.

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