An Open Letter To All My Girls.

Beloved Girl,

Do you hate the way you look?

One of my heroes Rachel Hollis asked this question to 821 highly successful women, who were CEOs of companies, teachers, entrepreneurs, doctors and other highly educated occupations in a conference. 800 of these powerful, smart women stood up. 800 out of the 821 hated their bodies.

What about you beloved? Do you hate your body? You wouldn’t be the only one. We are so obsessed with how we look on the outside. Facebook, Instagram and Hollywood are constantly pumping us with an ‘ideal’ of what is sexy and what is normal.

So many stunning girls are spending their lives scrambling to live up to a so called ‘ideal’ and hating their own bodies in the process.

What a waste of time. Is this you my girl? Beloved you are wasting your life away? Do you think you will be happier when you are thinner? If you looked different? Ask anybody who has worked in the modelling industry. I promise you, you will not! Loving your body has everything to do with a decision you make on the inside, and nothing to do with how you look on the outside. Loving your body starts now. It can begin today.

When will enough be enough my beloveds? When will we girls start to love our bodies and celebrate our shape and form. When will we look in the mirror and see our bodies created exactly the way the Father intended and love what we see. When will we stop wasting our time, our intellect and our energy trying to look like an ideal that society told us was sexy?

Beloved, I understand. I am a girl. I have had these thoughts. I still do from time to time. I have fought for an ideal that was shaped by our culture and society. I wasted so many years. And now having come out of that, I see all around me, my beloved sisters who are wasting time and precious years hating the bodies that they are in. Learning to love your body takes a conscious decision every single day.

Body hatred, comparison and striving for an unrealistic ideal, It has to end. Girls do you hear me? It has to end.


Beloved, imagine if we become a generation of woman who start to celebrate our bodies, our skin and our features. Imagine if we were to look in the mirror everyday and see ourselves the way the Father sees us and Love what we see.

Beloved, imagine a generation of woman who are not afraid to dress in a way that flatters the body we have been given, instead of striving for a shape to fit into the fashion that teens are plastering all over our Instagram. What if we were to decide how we wanted to express ourselves day by day and use fashion as an inspiration and an opportunity for us to creatively express ourselves according to our tastes.

Beloved, imagine a generation of woman who decided to never restrict or diet or calorie count, but rather eat to nourish and nurture the body we are given. Imagine if we would enjoy quality, nutritious and colourful foods which we know are building up our mind, nourishing our body, and feeding our souls. What if we made a decision to stop chasing a healthy unrealistic shape for us and started to nourish and love the bodies that we have?

Beloved, imagine a generation of woman who exercised for health and strength and not for weight loss or control. If we started to enjoy movement for what it did for our mind and our health rather than an obsession to reach an ideal that was unrealistic to achieve and impossible to healthily maintain.

Beloved, imagine if we became a generation of woman who started to celebrate each other and cheer each other on. For as we started to love ourselves and the bodies we are given we would be free to celebrate and love one another instead of tear each other down and be intimidated by each other’s success.

Beloved, imagine a generation of woman who celebrate their bodies and have so much extra energy to think creative ideas that will see business, careers and relationships boom. Woman who are filled with confidence to try new styles, to try new ideas, to branch out in business and in life.

Self-consciousness is so exhausting.

It is wasted energy. Low self-esteem and comparison kills creativity and it cultivates fear. Without it I am almost sure we would see a generation of woman who rise up into their God given destiny.

Beloved, imagine if we were to change societies idea of an ‘ideal woman.’ One person at a time. Starting with you. Starting with me. Who decided what was beautiful and sexy anyway? It is absurd. Do you know who is beautiful and sexy? You are. You are utterly beautiful. You are incredibly sexy. It is you! And you get to decide each and every day that it is true.

Beloved, imagine if we made a decision. Made a decision today. To stop the self hate. To never again compare ourselves to someone else. To decide to pick one thing about our bodies we love each day and celebrate that. To eat for nourishment and to exercise for strength and health.

Beloved, imagine if we made a decision to love our bodies. To decide that real beautiful and sexy actually looks a lot like ourselves. That we get to change and dictate the societal norm.

Imagine. We would see a new generation of woman.

We would be confident. We would be fearless. We would be abounding in self love for ourselves and one another. 

I have no doubt. We would literally change the world.

Beloved DO NOT WASTE ANOTHER MOMENT hating your body.

Do not waste another iota of your energy struggling to reach an ‘ideal’ picture that society has dictated.

Sexy looks like you. It looks like me.

Beautiful looks like me. It looks like you. 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life


There is one thing I would change about my body. The rate at which my armpit hair grows. Actually, forget the rate, I would eliminate the hair altogether.

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