4 Things for Your Weekend

4 Favourite Things for your weekend

What are you up to this week? Mark and I are heading down to the Gold Coast this week to hide away for a few days so I get cracking write book/ program! Speaking of the Gold Coast. If you ever visit the Great ‘GC’, you have to try Paddock. It is set in an old Queenslander, and is outrageously good. All their bread and pastries are absolutely out of this world. Seriously. The hot chocolate? The Strawberry and Crème Cruffin? It is pure art. Hint: Get there early as they are KILLING it and people line right out of the door.

Here are my four things for this week!

I have been so excited to share this podcast with you. I was seriously inspired. I have been harping on about it to poor Greenie for a week now. This incredible woman is the CEO of It Cosmetics, which she built from scratch and then sold to Loreal for 1 Billion Dollars. As I listened, I actually felt hope build up in me all over again, that the impossible is possible we give ourselves permission to dream. Her success and longevity she attributes to building the business authentically with the singular mission of changing woman’s lives. For all my beloved world changers, if you want some inspiration on making the impossible possible in regards to your business like me, please listen.

  • 2. Favourite Activity.

Our Cooking Class last Saturday. My beautiful friend Mel allowed me to host in her Kitchen which looked like it was out of a magazine.  I loved teaching about healthy cooking and then sharing lunch together with old and new friends. Stand out meal was the Miso Eggplant inspired by Jessica Sepel. Outstanding.

  • 3. Favourite Person.

I have been very inspired by Rachel Hollis lately. She could be the next white Oprah. She is a mother of four, who has built her own multi million dollar business. She is incredibly intelligent and driven, and yet so down to earth and ‘laugh out loud’ funny. I have been listening to her podcast which is called ‘Rise’, and watching some of her videos. I find her insightful. She has so much practical wisdom for business and writing. I love her. Also she is Very Very down to earth and an genuine desire to see woman all around love their bodies and reaching their destiny. I recommend getting into her Podcast, books: Girl Interrupted and her videos. She is my latest Girl Crush.

  • 4. Favourite Fashion Picks.

I have my eye on this denim jumpsuit from Seed heritage. Absolutely loving this green silk blouse from Witchery and this gorgeous poncho. I am dreaming about this velvet grey skirt. Lastly please someone buy this gorgeous pink dress by Zara and send me a picture. It is all together luscious and needs to be styled and profiled!

That’s all from me.

Listen to a podcast this weekend, watch a video, buy yourself a treat, and cook something outrageously yummy.

You are Reigning in Life beloved,

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink: We have been house hunting for a new rental place. There is something about it that makes me angry. Seriously. I have been getting angry when the photos in the add make the house look so luscious, and you get there it so hideous you could cry. Why do they do that? And why do I believe them every time. I might move in with the beloved Furlongs and their five children at this rate. Help me People.

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2 thoughts on “4 Things for Your Weekend

  1. Carla says:

    You live life so full & inspire and give permission for others to do the same. Love you❤️

    1. Christine says:

      I could same the same for you sweet one! You make your own cheese ! Now that is living a full life !

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