An Open Letter – To Nurses – From All of Us

Open Letter To All Nurses

Dearly Beloved Nurse,

To every nurse around the globe, this is a letter from our heart to yours. Everyday countless lives are touched, cared for and enriched by you. Despite all you do, and everything you give, you often go unnoticed and dismissed. Not today. We all want to take a moment to thank you.

Thank you

Thank you for caring for us at our most vulnerable. Thank you for every hand you have held and will hold in the future. Thank you for every patient you have hugged and every family you have walked through difficult and sometimes the most heartbreaking times of their life with. Your compassion and kindness when people are at their most vulnerable times is outstanding.  Thank you.

Thank you for every urine bottle you empty, and every bed pan you bring. The way you manoeuvre those bedpans under bottoms without spilling is a miracle. Thank you for helping us in the shower when we are at our weakest. It may have been years since any of us needed help in the bathroom, years since any of us had been seen naked by anyone aside from our spouse, and yet you managed to put us completely at ease. You do your best to keep the dignity of your patients in tact as much as possible. Thank you.

Thank you for the little things you found time to do. In a hectic day in which you do everything from handing out medication, to sorting out deteriorating patients, to heading up doctor’s rounds, you managed to find time to prop up our pillows, adjust the bed and add blankets in the middle of the night. Your kindness makes all the difference in the world. Thank you.

Thank you for explaining and interpreting the medical jargon. Thank you for taking time to explain things so well and never getting upset at the constant stream of questions. You are an advocate for us all and make your patient’s feel safe. Thank you for not only taking care of your patients, but including and explaining everything to the worried families of your patients. It is time consuming we know. Yet you treat families with the same kindness and care you treat your patients with. Thank you.

Thank you for putting up with the shift work. Often you leave work at 11pm at night and start again at 7am. Yet you still smile. How you manage to find the energy to go the extra mile and do things like re-toast your patient’s toast that has gotten cold on the kitchen tray. Seriously? Are you even real? We know many nurses who go home in the morning after night shift still have to go home and take care of the family before coming back into work that night. Despite how tired you are, you still show up and have energy and compassion to care for us. Once in a while you may get a little cranky. We understand. If I were you, and someone asked me to re-toast my toast after a late/ early shift?  I can tell you right now that situation would not end well.

Thank you for tirelessly caring, explaining, giving endlessly of yourself. Thank you for acting as our advocate, taking charge of our medical care and always acting in our best interest no matter how exhausted you are. You are the salt of the earth.

You see us at our worse, care for us at our most vulnerable and walk us and our families through our pain every day.

We want you to know that what you do day in and day out has had a deep impact on our lives and those that we love in the most profound way.

From the deepest part of our hearts to every nurse who reads this,

We thank you

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink:  Nurses taught me many of the things I knew as a doctor. How to deliver a baby for example was taught to me by a midwife in Darwin. Nurses are the salt of the earth and I will always be their biggest champion and greatest fan.

P.S Open Letter to all teachers below.

P.P.S Open letter to all Girls who hate their bodies below.

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