3 Things You Can Do Today To Live Generously!

Live to Give” – Tony Robbins.

There is so much talk about self-care in our world today. I am a huge fan of looking after one’s self. Huge. I however, have found that the best way for me to ‘self-care’ is to ‘others care.’

Nothing fills me up, refreshes me, or gives me more joy than knowing that I am adding value, joy or love to someone else in a big or small way.

Beloved we get so wrapped up in our own worlds, sometimes it is easy to forget that we are alive for something greater than ourselves. Something bigger than our own worlds.

What if we were to live our lives in a way where in every interaction with someone, in every situation big or small, we seek to add value. To in one way or another, be the kind of people who leave others better than we found them. Always.

Here are three easy things you can do this week that will add joy to someone in a big or small way.

  • 1. Write a Love Note

Write someone a note, with a simple story or memory of a time you have had with them and how it blessed you. It doesn’t have to be big, or fancy. The simple act of writing a note and telling someone you noticed and appreciated them, will mean more than you ever know. Sometimes I add a cute bliss ball or little treat that I know that they love.

  • 2. Next time you go through a Drive Through Pay for the person behind you

There is nothing more fun than going through the drive through at MacDonald’s and paying for the person behind. Seriously. Sometimes I go through Macdonalds just to do this. Last time I needed a pick me up, I went through MacDonald’s drive through, bought a drink and paid for the car behind me. You should have seen them drive off craning their necks to see what kind of small brown girl had deliriously paid for them. SO MUCH FUN.

  • 3. Make a Cake

I will never forget my neighbour, who was a gorgeous older lady, one day came over with this decadent slice of cake that she had made, with real chocolate icing. I was a teenager at the time, it was nearly 15 years ago. I still remember the taste of the cake. Those Grandma’s can bake! Most of all I remember that she took the time to bake, than come to our house, knocked on our door and stood there with cake. Now following the example of my gorgeous neighbour, when I move to a new place I try to bake a cake for my neighbours. It never fails to soften hearts and build friends. I feel Like a big blob of awkwardness the first time I do it, but after that, we usually become friends and it changes everything.

PS if you think ‘you can’t bake’ this lemon cake is the simplest recipe, that everyone can make. It is always a hit.  And if you still can’t make that… there is nothing wrong with a packet cake. Throw some strawberries on top, and your neighbour will think you are practically Martha Steward.

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink :

I am very aware that MacDonald’s and cakes are not part of a healthy diet, however there is such a thing as ‘sometimes treats.’ And there is nothing unhealthy about a little flexibility from time to time. My favourite treat at the moment is still carob bears. They have mint, coconut, plain and even white. I can’t even tell you how obsessed I am with these. Feel free, in the spirit of generosity,  to buy me one or two or an entire box (Greenie).

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