4 Fun Things For Your Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? I have just come back from a week of writing down the coast. I am not going to lie. Burleigh Heads is my favourite place in the WHOLE WORLD. I can’t wait to own a place down there.

In other news. Here are my new obsessions for this week.

He is the author of the book “Smart Woman Finish Rich.” Here is an absolute voice of wisdom in terms of saving, investing, becoming debt free. I am so deeply obsessed with learning and applying these financial concepts into my life. A major message is this “You don’t have to be rich to get rich.” And “You have more money than you think.” Super inspiring. I put this first as I really want you to listen. As soon as I listened, I sent it straight to Greenie to listen too.

I wish I started these concepts a decade ago, however the next best time to begin is now.

I have always wanted to eat at this restaurant since it opened. Seafood is my favourite food, Burleigh is my favourite place, and I can see the place that Mark proposed from the window of the restaurant. A gorgeous friend and her family shouted us a night out, and I tell you, it didn’t disappoint. From the warm welcome of the waiter with his distinguished grey beard, to the attentive humorous Italian waiter who saw to our every need, we felt like pure royalty.

The food, however, was next level. For Entrée we were treated to raw King fish marinated in a soy and sesame blend with cured egg yolk. It was served with a squid ink cracker. It was exquisite. Then came mains. The Hapuku in a delicate ginger broth and the Blue-eyed Trevalla which was swimming in saffron and pipies was unlike any seafood I had ever had before. It was pink and tender yet bursting with flavours. AND they came with unlimited seasonal greens, crispy potatoes and Cos Lettuce dressed with olive oil. The simplicity of the chocolate fondue did not take from its sophistication and taste. Greenie finished it in one-minute flat. Seriously I had to remind him he was not on death Row. Needless to say, it was the night of our lives, the best food I have had to date, with my favourite person in the universe.

I hid away and wrote all week. Writing is the most vulnerable place. You are literally getting your deepest secrets and personal thoughts out on paper. It is deeply scary. Also a hard part about writing is whether or not what you are writing is actually going to change the world like you dream that it will. Mark Greenwood never stops believing, encouraging, exhorting and giving of himself to me.  People ask me what he is like? He is as kind and generous behind closed doors as he seems in public when alone with me. I love you Greenie.

Okay I need every person in leadership, thinking about leadership, or about to go into leadership to read this book. Please, I beg you. It has changed my life, my world, and the way I see everything and everyone. I think it should be mandatory reading for every leader. it is life changing. Brene Brown has spent decades of her life researching and teaching on vulnerability, trust and connection. What she writes will confront, inspire you, and equip you for the rest of your life.  I have been reading it again this week and want to laugh, cry and read it out loud to complete strangers walking past. So much goodness.

There you have it. My top picks for the week.

If you listen to any of the suggested podcasts, or read a suggested book or eat a one of the restaurants will you comment and let me know? I love to hear from you all because:

you are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

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