Strawberry Delight!

Which strawberry recipes do you like?

I have been watching Mind of a Chef on Netflix. It has been super inspiring to get into the minds of famous chefs from around the world. Each season features a different chef, learning about their inspiration, how they think,  what goes into the dishes they prepare and the restaurant that they run. 

One of the things that many of them have in common is a passion to cook from produce sourced as locally and seasonally as they can. Most of the great chefs try to work with the local farmers and cook with local produce.

Bearing that in mind

It is Winter Strawberry Season! The cold snap has reportedly affected our farmers here in QLD and so they need our help to buy up big and prevent any strawberries from going to waste.

Here are three recipes from around the web for inspiration. Remember Bold and underlined text have links to the recipes. 

One thing I LOVE and miss is Jam! This recipe from Live Love Nourish is a healthier version, and one I will be trying! 

On the day before I got married, my beautiful friend went to a strawberry farm and went strawberry picking. She came over with dozens of fresh strawberries and a big container of dark chocolate dipped strawberries. LUSH. Listen, if you are having friends over or just need a sweet treat, Dark Chocolate Dipped strawberries is where dreams come true. They look and taste incredible. (Google the conversion of ounces to grams for this recipe).

I know it is not summer. And I KNOW that this recipe isn’t to be a staple in our diets. I am however, a big believer in sometimes treats, and this is a recipe to have up your sleeves for that special occasion. It looks LUSH! This is from my favourite blog, Cup of Jo. She got the original recipe from Martha Stewart the domestic goddess herself. Greenie and our next dinner guests are in for a treat. I might try and swap the flour for almond flour. We will see. Xx

What strawberry recipes do you know? 

We would love to hear.

Post your comments below! 

Let’s eat seasonally and do everything we can to support our local farmers.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

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Wink: Some other ways to use strawberries that I like. Strawberries and natural or coyo yoghurt. Strawberries in salad (it’s so delicious), frozen strawberries with coconut milk blended and then refrozen… Strawberry ice-cream. OR my favourite way, Strawberries on their own as a snack or after dinner. 

Also there is NOTHING more romantic than making your partner a batch of chocolate dipped strawberries. If you don’t have a partner, make it for your friends. Do it people!

Life is to short to not eat dark chocolate dipped strawberries. 

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