Have A Courageous Week (4 Things)!

Have A Courageous Week!

How has your week been?

What has inspired and delighted you this week? I am in the trenches of writing a new book, but here are some highlights from my learnings and activities this week!

FYI anything bold and italics has links to it. Just in case it wasn’t obvious.

  • 1. Current Book

Girl Stop Apologizing.

I have spoken to you all about my girl crush on Rachel Hollis before. The crush is turning into deep love and respect. Rachel Hollis is passionate about seeing women live to their full potential. She is a New York Times bestselling author and has founded a multimillion dollar company. She challenges women everywhere to stop talking themselves out of their dreams. In this book she identifies and addresses every excuse, and then gives practical advice on how to develop skills and behaviours which will help us grow, gain confidence, articulate than action your dreams. I feel very inspired to live COURAGEOUSLY. This book is a must read. I am loving it. It is also on audiobook which is VERY appealing and handy for me.

  • 2. Favourite Moments.


My Precious Girlfriend came to my house this week. We did the simplest things. I made her lunch and then we walked to my lookout together. We talked about our big ideas to change the world, our five-year plans, our ten year plans. We talked about our deep thoughts, insecurities and fears, and then drove through a monsoon to get to church. I nearly cried tears of deep gratitude afterward. I felt so grateful to deeply love someone who I feel simultaneously inspired and understood. Friendship. One of God’s greatest gifts.

  • 3. Current Show.

The Mind of a Chef.

It is available on Netflix. Everyone has Netflix right? This show is narrated and produced by Anthony Bourdain and combines travel, cooking and history following a different chef each season. Each chef has their own journey, philosophy and beliefs. It is fascinating and opens your mind about food, its origins, how it shapes experiences and how food is tied to emotional connections. If you are a foodie, or love travel and history, I think you will love it too.

  • 4. Current cooking Inspirations.

I am writing Part three of my Book, much of which is about recipe development. That means I have a lot of cooking and recipe trials coming up. I like to follow chefs, bloggers and wellness advocates from all around the world for inspiration. Here are some of the recipes which are inspiring me. Breakfast Banana Split, sometimes it the simplest recipes that become your favourite. This blogger swears by her One skillet Peanut Chicken (sub the vegetable oil in the recipe for coconut oil please). Kayla Itsines makes this mean Frittata and asparagus recipe. Here is a instant Creamy Mexican Soup and a Instant Pot Thai Coconut soup from Danielle Walker from Against Grain.  And for that occasional treat?Nutty coconut chocolate bliss balls from Eat Pray Love and  Louisa Cake. Ricotta and apple? Seriously. Doesn’t that sound utterly Moorish. Remember every now and then, there is nothing wrong with a treat or two.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

P.S. Did you get last weeks Four Fun things?

Wink. James Corben and Usher? So much fun (sorry about the freak in the bed bit, I didn’t write the words, usher did). Usher teaching James to ‘swag.’ Oh wow. It’s too much. And then? Michael Buble and James Corben. Too funny. “This guy looks like he ate superman.” Ahahah. I nearly cried with laughter. Then James picks up his dad? Oh my TOO much fun.

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