Have the most incredible Weekend! (4 Things)

What is happening in your world this week? This week I am intensely writing like a little Brown Hermit, with an enormous dream, renting the front of a little Queenslander house in Brisbane. It is invigorating and intimidating at the same time. I have worn the same outfit for two weeks. With maybe one outfit break for a wash.

 I. Am. Not. Joking.

In other news. My 4 Things

  • 1. Book

This book is blowing my mind. 

Do you have a Personal Growth Plan? 

Neither did I. Until I read this book. It is literally changing my life. 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. By John C Maxwell the author of 82 book. He says it is the one book, that leader after leader, tell him that it changed their life. It has sold millions. I can see why.

“If you want to reach your goals and fulfil your potential, become intentional about personal growth. It will change your life” John Maxwell.

I thought that the secret to achieving my goals was hard work, discipline and determination. No! It is personal growth. Personal growth doesn’t happen by accident. It has to be put in place intentionally. I am working on mine right now. Read this book. It explains it all.

  • 2. Podcast

This podcast was a fascinating interview by Melinda Gates by Jen Hatmaker. Click here to listen. What an incredibly inspiring, generous, intelligent woman she is. Jen Hattmaker conducted a great interview asking some really thought provoking questions. I Loved it. 

P.S No I don’t hold all the same core beliefs as either woman, however value their point of view and the wisdom, and experience they bring to the table. 

  • 3. Recipe.

Obsessing over this recipe at the moment. Strawberry, spinach and avocado. I know it isn’t summer but there are a lot of strawberries around. Also loved this idea of salmon with a strawberry salsa. I Love the thought of incorporating low fructose fruits and antioxidant filled fruit into cooking. Finally a beautiful friend made me this Pesto. I have had it every single day. With salad, with fish, with eggs…. It is out of control good. It’s a Jamie Oliver number. Get it here.

For those of you interested in nutrition and want to learn more about fat. Here are two experts in the field having a chat about it. It is about the role of dietary fat in our diet and our health. They talk about misconceptions, and truths. It is called separating Fat from Fact. 

I recommend you listen. Very important paradigm shift in nutrition and we all have a responsibility to start to be intentional about our health. 

That’s it from me. 

Let me ask you again before I go…

What is your Personal Growth Plan?

Do you have one? Please. It will change your life. 

Imparting information to you like this is the whole reason I run this website. I want to empower you with the resources to grow and self develop. 

Let us grow, evolve together and be the best version of ourselves. The best possible wives, husbands, mothers, employers, employees, leaders, children.

Let us reign in life. We have everything we need to do it. 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished. 

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink. Do you have five minutes? Watch this Ahhh. The shorter black male dancer? What a cutie!! So good. And I think they are all school kids! What talent. Them New Zealanders sure can Daaaannnnccceee. Don’t know what happened to Greenie. He is from New Zealand after all. 

P.S Did you get last week Four things for your weekend? Read it here

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