Does Drinking Alcohol Make You Fat?

Does Drinking Alcohol make you Fat?

We hear a lot of mixed debate when it comes to alcohol. My husband, who is part Italian, tells me when he visited Rome, people drank wine like water. Many people justify their alcohol intake as part of the ‘Mediterranean diet.’ On the other hand, many health experts will tell you that too much alcohol means a lot of sugar and extra calories. In addition to this, the addictive and intoxicating properties of alcohol has had a devastating effect on our nation. 

So what is the balance. How much should we drink? Is any alcohol healthy? 

Most of all we all want to know:

Can I enjoy my glass of wine without sabotaging my healthy eating plan?

It is hard in this day and age, where we are bombarded with information to separate fact from fiction. Most of the time you can find evidence to support whatever habit you don’t want to change. 

Well my beloved readers, here are some facts about alcohol that you should know about.

Alcohol can be good for you, but only in small amounts 

Research does indicate that alcohol in small amounts can be good for you. This is especially true when it comes to red wine. The key however, and this is very important, is moderation. Doctor and nutritional expert, Mark Hyman advised in his book ‘WTF should I eat’, to limit yourself to one drink of red wine or 30 mls of spirits. 

Alcohol interferes with your fat burning

A study done which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found this. People who consumed only two alcoholic beverages in one sitting experienced a significant decrease in fat burning two hours later. 

Jessica Sepel, a clinical nutritionist, founder of the JS community and author of the Healthy Life, explains this further in her book ‘The Healthy Life.’

She says that the body processes alcohol first, and this means that carbohydrates and fats get stored as fat, rather than being used as fuel. 

Beer is loaded with carbohydrates

Sorry guys, but beer is loaded with carbohydrates. Yes in fact one beer has the same amount of carbohydrates in it, as does a slice of white bread. 

Alcohol is an unhealthy coping vice for too many people

Apart from the fact that alcohol has its own fat metabolism which may interrupt your clean eating and weight loss goals, we mustn’t forget that it is a neurotoxin and is also addictive. Too many people use it as an unhealthy coping mechanism. If the thought of only having a one glass of wine, on special occasions makes you nervous, perhaps you need to wonder whether or not alcohol is something that you are using as a coping mechanism, rather than something that you are choosing to enjoy for pleasure.  

If it is a vice in your life, perhaps it is even more important for you to rethink your intake or abstain for a period of time. I am a big believer in balance and having flexibility to enjoy the pleasures of life. However, if you are using that philosophy to hide a vice in your life then have the courage to recognise that. Perhaps it might be time for you to give it up for a period of time. I think you would be surprised by how good you feel. 

So in summary

Alcohol can be good for you, but depends on how much you are having. The key is to have no more than one, absolute maximum two drinks at a time, and save it for the weekend or for celebrations only. 

What should you drink?

Red wine is a good choice as it contains antioxidants. One serve would be 150ml approximately.

If you like spirits (30mls) per serve, choose gin, vodka or whiskey with mineral water rather than cordial, juices or soft drinks.

Beer is loaded with carbohydrates and sugar, and gluten. 

Sugary cocktails and ciders are also loaded with sugar. 

If trying to lose weight it may be best to avoid altogether for the most part. Alcohol and weight loss don’t go well together. 

I hope this helps!!

What are your thoughts and experiences with alcohol? I would love to hear. 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink: I didn’t talk about champagne. Sure, this has a lot of sugar but a glass now and then isn’t going to do you too much harm. Greenie especially likes it when I drink champagne. I become a heck of a lot of fun. I just don’t recommend drinking the entire bottle of Moet on a regular basis. I mean who could afford that anyway? Well maybe Oprah but I don’t think that would be on her weight watchers plan. We digress.

P.S If you are struggling with an alcohol addiction or consume alcohol on a regular basis, please see your Doctor to detox yourself of it. 

P.S Did you like this? Make sure you read. 4 Compelling reasons to stop eating sugar.  READ IT PEOPLE. Sugar is killing our generation. 

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