What are you learning this week? (4 Things)

4 excellent resources to Develop yourself

Beloved what are you learning this week?

“If you want to reach your goals and fulfil your potential, become intentional about personal growth. It will change your life” John Maxwell

I wonder? Are you being intentional about your own personal growth?

Here are some things I am learning at the moment to help my personal growth.

  • 1. Video

Robin Sharma Mastery Videos. Once a litigation lawyer, now turned a best selling author and world premier speaker on leadership and personal mastery, Robin Sharma has worked with billionaires and well-known organisations from Nike, GE, Microsoft, FedEx and many more. His posts have reached over six hundred million people a year and he is a global phenomenon. 

I love listening to what he has to say. He is so inspiring and gives these practical tools and fascinating original ideas on how to reach your highest leadership capacities and personal productivity and growth. 

Check out his first video!

  • 2. Book

John Maxwell: The 15 laws of Invaluable Growth. I shared this last week, but I have to share it again, in case you didn’t read it the first time. This is sincerely changing my life. John Maxwell is a well-known voice of wisdom in leadership and business, has written 82 books, and runs 8 companies. His books have sold millions and impacted countless leaders everywhere. When asked what would be a book that he recommended out of all his books, he stated this was the one that, time and time again, people would come and tell him completely changed their life.  I jumped on it too. And I promise you it is changing mine. 

  • 3. Podcast

Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast: How to Be real and Not be weird. 

Have you ever wondered how to be transparent and real without oversharing, or eroding trust? It feels like this is a fine line sometimes right? I like what Craig has to say what how to decide what is appropriate to say to your team and what is not. And bonus. It only goes for 10 minutes. 

  • 4. Health

Mark Hymam: Eat less and Exercise more.

I think you will find this quite intriguing. It is opposite to what you are taught. I really recommend Mark Hyman as a balanced, evidenced based, holistic source of nutritional and lifestyle advice. If you are interested in health and nutrition, I think you would love this. If you like that than watch this one. Fat does not make you fat. 

These are my picks for the week.

James Allen said this:

“People are anxious to improve their circumstances but are unwilling to improve themselves. Therefore they remain bound.”

Beloveds. I would love for you to invest some time into developing yourself. 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink: Poor Greenie is subject to my constant obsession to my Personal Growth Plan. He wants to create a support group for husbands with wive’s who are obsessed with Personal Growth. I told him he should be so grateful to have a wife obsessed with self development. And his development for that matter! I cannot imagine how this could possibly get irritating one little bit. Just saying. 

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