Enough Calorie Counting!

Enough Calorie Counting!

The idea that all calories are equal, and that restricting one’s self to a certain number of calories to lose weight is so ridiculous I find myself raising my voice whenever I talk about it. We are not manufactured robots, and this notion is so misleading it upsets me. Not only is it false, it is downright dangerous. Teenagers as young as 9 or 10 are starting to count every calorie they consume for fear that what they eat will make them gain weight.

Your body will metabolise different food completely differently to other foods depending on their composition. It has little to do with their calorie count.

Mark Hyman explains it brilliantly in his book, “WTF should I eat.”

“The lie we have all been told is that weight loss is only about calories. Eat less, exercise more. A thousand calories of Pepsi are the same of a thousand calories of almonds. Nonsense. This makes no intuitive sense and science has proven that calories that spike your blood sugar and insulin promote weight gain, while calories that don’t spike your blood sugar and insulin speed up your metabolism.”

There is a lot more to it than that and I recommend looking at his website or his book to know more (link at the end) but in short the only things you need to know in regards to calories is that our body will process and burn calories far more efficiently from unprocessed whole foods than from processed foods. 

Giving up ‘diet’ food and drinks and stopping any form of calorie counting was the best thing I did for my mind and body. Now I have the freedom to eat in order to nourish my body with the best nutrients, and the most flavour which I possibly can. I eat as whole and unprocessed as possible, and don’t waste any of my precious thoughts in counting calories.

Beloved, give up any ideal of perfection and eat to nurture your body, rather than to maintain or obtain a certain weight. It is the best thing you can do. And something I wish I had started years ago.

There are so many other things to put your mind and focus on rather than how many calories are in your food. It’s unnecessary, and inaccurate and as you learn more about nutrition you will get a greater understanding as to why it is a complete waste of time and energy.

So beloved stick to whole unprocessed foods. Eat lots of plants like vegetables, fruits, proteins and healthy fats and healthy whole grains. Don’t worry about counting a single calorie. Just eat real food. And lots of it.

Think pesto scrambled eggs and mushrooms, Roast vegetables salads with quinoa and nuts. Salmon with broccolini with some olive oil and capers. Eat it with brown rice if you desire. Or big luscious salads with  full fat feta, avocado a healthy protein and a tangy dressing. I could go on and on.

Stop the mental caloric mathematics forever.

Count your Blessings Not your calories.

You are deeply loved

Christine Greenwood.

Reign in life.

To learn more jump onto my face book and join my private CG Reign in life community group. Here I have done a nutritional series of videos which are deeply helpful.

Here are some other helpful video to watch and book to read.

Eat less Exercise more is Bad Advice.

Food: WTF should I eat Dr Mark Hyman.

Wink: Just so you know. I really like the caramel macaroons from McDonalds and carob bears. Which I am sure rises my blood sugar and insulin quicker pretty much anything else in the world.

But. I. Don’t. Care.

Every now and then the occasional treat is so fine. It is surprising that McDonalds can make the nicest macaroons I have had. And I have had some from some swanky places! You guys Have to try……

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