How Can I Add Value To Your Life?

How Can I add value to your life?

My Beloved Tribe.

Do you know why I write? I am filled with this overwhelming desire for every single person in my tribe to be inspired. To truly believe that they can and will be everything that they are called to be.

That every person who visits or reads my articles will be inspired and compelled to believe that they can reign in every area of their life. In nutrition, in lifestyle, habits, in their relationships.

I deeply yearn for each and every one of us to courageously go out of our way to build connection with one another. That as we aim high, dream big, we pull each other up. That we applaud one another and call out the destiny of our friends and community.

I want to be a voice of encouragement, a pillar of truth, to give you insight and knowledge when you need it. And to learn from yours. I desire to grow together. To get better with one another.

And to most of all. Have a some fun. Some outrageous, no agenda fun  wgile we are at it.

I say all this to say:

I want to know more about my tribe.

What questions are do you need answered? What is taking up your thoughts. What challenges are you facing? What are your top goals? Who are your heroes? What articles are you reading? I want to know you, my beloveds so that I know what is most helpful and useful for me to write about.

So for those of you who read my articles and follow me. Can you do something for me.

I am going to ask three questions and I would love for you to answer in the comments below with your answers labelled 1, 2, or 3.

  1. What is your biggest challenge at the moment?
  2. What is your biggest goal at the moment?
  3. What magazine or blogs do you read regularly?

If you could take the time to answer these three questions this will give me a better idea of your interests, and what would be the most useful articles to write.

I don’t just want to tickle your ears, I want to actually want to serve you through my website in any way I can.

If you could take a little bit of time, I would be truly so blessed.

Thank you to each and every one of you.

I love you deeply and cherish your support and feedback.

You are loved

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

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7 thoughts on “How Can I Add Value To Your Life?

  1. Jess says:

    1. What is your biggest challenge at the moment? Balancing family, work, church and relationships. The pressures and importance of all are significant. I’m continually navigating how to balance these things that are close to be heart.
    2. What is your biggest goal at the moment? To be secure in who I am. That my faults and insecurities don’t define me. They may be a part of me, but that are not all that I am. I tend to over-identify with my weaknesses. I’m assuming this will be a line-long learning loop.
    3. What magazine or blogs do you read regularly? Podcasts too? Yes, I hear you reply with breathless joy… Savy Psychologist and The School of Greatness are my favourites at the moment. Oprah also had one called Super Soul Conversations which I’m sure you are already aware of 😉
    Love you precious sister xxoo

    1. Christine says:

      I cannot believe I didn’t know about super soul conversations …. Oprah xxx I love this my girl. Thank you for sharing

  2. Melissa says:

    1. To get through the self publishing process and see my book finally finished and to help my daughter overcome anxiety.
    2. Same as #1 but my main goal that makes my heart burn is to fulfill what God has called me to do
    3. I don’t read magazines but I love reading peoples blogs, helps me connect with them and they inspire me

  3. Lulu says:

    1. Meeting my big 3s.
    2. A life lived with intention. This is so huge. I didnt realise the undertaking of this new belief system (if i can call it that) and have it so established in me – it changes everything.
    3. Yours! And mine lol i dont read mags but Lana vawsers page im a fan!

    Love you Chris xx

  4. Cliff Meyer says:

    I love your interest in the worlds of others. Christine you are a fresh wave of cool 😎

    My biggest challenge at the moment is to get back and beyond my fittest self. I’ve let go of health as a priority for the past 18 months and it’s tough to get motivated again, which leads to one of my main goals.

    My main goal is to get consistency happening again in the gym and with nutrition for the rest of my life. I don’t think of weight here but rather strength and mobility. As someone who’s not far from 50, I often think how I can make the next thirty years to be quality. I don’t believe in getting old and crusty. Past glories fade too. It keeps coming back to hard work that pays off but the problem is it’s hard and it’s work and there’s no magic pill out there that can replace them l. So coming back to my goal, probably will be to end up like a Sean Connery meets Denzel Washington.

    I love podcasts. I’m currently listening to locals like The Happy Prophet and House of Wine. I’m also a big fan of Bishop TD Jakes, Steven Furtick and Paul Scanlon. I particularly love Conversations with John and Lisa Bevere. I love to hear couples talk. My favourite fitness mentor is James Smith (Sydney). Raw to the core. His language is a little colourful but he’s factual and not fluffy. So much wisdom and inspiration. My most favourite though would have to be Christine Greenwood. Gosh, you think of the most interesting topics to discuss. Aaah! 🤗

    1. Christine says:

      Cliff! I find you to be a true inspiration… LOVE The Happy Prophet too! You are very kind…

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