5 Inspiring Things For your Weekend!

5 Inspiring things for your Weekend!

How was your week? This week was a momentous week for Mark and I. We got to hang out with my mentor David Balestri and his divine family as well as meet one of my heroes Darlene Zschech and her kind husband Mark. Greenie and I were overwhelmed with the way they lavished kindness and generosity on us.

I wanted to give Darlene a special R&B rendition of Shout to the Lord but didn’t quite get the time. Believe me when I do, she is in for a treat.

Spending time with someone who inspires you and calls out every dream in your spirit is absolutely life changing. I exhort every one of you to find mentors or people in your life that do the same. When people ask that inevitable question:

“How do I Find a Mentor?”

I love what John Maxwell has to say:

“I point them in the same direction: who can you think of who is successful in an area where you’re trying to grow? Start there and see how you can access that person’s insights—maybe it’s through a blog, maybe it’s a book, or just maybe it’s just a phone call away. You won’t know until you start looking and asking.”

He wrote a great article on this called “three types of mentors that everyone needs to grow.”

This week on our trip we asked leaders, many of whom have led for 30-40 years to share one video, article, or podcast had changed their life. This was one answer.

We need to talk about injustice.  By Brian Stevenson.

Brian Stevenson is a public interest lawyer. He spends most of his time in prisons, maximum security and on Death Row. His heart burns for justice of the broken and forgotten. I learned in this video that there are 2.3 million people in incarceration in America and 7 million on parole. One of three black men are in jail, or probation or parole in America.  What he has to say, changed me forever. Please watch to the end.

Favourite Quotes

“To Build Community there is always chaos. So I have learned to embrace the chaos for without it you cannot have real community. Without community you cannot have family.” – Anonymous

  • “Each of us are more than the worse thing we have ever done.”
  • “The opposite of poverty is not wealth. The opposite of poverty is justice.”
  • “We will be judged, not by how we treat the rich. But how we treat the poor.”  

All three of these belong to Brian Stevenson.

Favourite Recipe

Last night I made a Red Chicken Curry. This is a great recipe from one of my favourite food bloggers. And so easy! Best part? I used the left-over gravy to make an egg curry the next day. Win win.  

Best Podcast

Emotional and Mental Health by Bill Johnson. Gosh it was truly excellent. “God will always fulfil his promises but he is not obligated to fulfil your potential.”

Comments from Readers

Clarissa on Israel Folau

Do you think that the way he is being treated is just?I think – with regards to his dismissal from football: he signed a contract. Agreed to the terms. Violated those terms… the dismissal was fair. I honestly believe he should have looked more carefully at what he was signing/agreeing to and if he felt it didn’t allow him freedom to express his religious views – and that was important to him – then he shouldn’t have signed. He should have negotiated a more acceptable contract. — How he is being treated by people in general? I can’t really say. It’s stirred up Christians and similar mainstream faiths which is a portion of society that has been noticeably quiet (maybe beaten into submission? Maybe just terribly unsure how to proceed?) by the very vocal Middle Eastern religious world wide community. The more radical parts of each side have had no trouble speaking or acting out but the general people of all these religions have not really spoken out or voiced their opinions. This whole issue has stirred them and I believe it has started a swing back towards the middle rather than the vocal minority leading the way.

Brian On Israel Folau

Izzy has awakened us all to the fact that it’s vital that we don’t misrepresent Christ in order to maintain a good rating in the polls, or hosts of Facebook followers… it’s very valuable if Jesus’ estimation, when we admit to believing what he believes, in the face of opposition from the “morally progressive” – and that list in Rev also includes the “fearful”. Izzy was not fearful.

All he is asking for is an apology. If he loses that court case, then he can turn the other cheek.

Thank you all for your comments and feed back!

I love you all deeply, more than you know.

Remember as you go into the weekend.

A true leader never stops learning.

You are loved.

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink: The video how to listen to someone.” Was sent to me by my husband. I think he is trying to say something and I have to admit, I was deeply convicted.  I thought I was a great listener… until I watched that video.

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