4 Things For Your Weekend!

4 Favourite things for your weekend.

How has your week been? I have had the most discombobulating (yes that is a word) last two weeks. Considering things I thought I would never consider again. Making big decisions which could possibly impact the course of my life forever…

As I wrote last week, sometimes when the bigger picture is looking hazy, we just need the wisdom and clarity to be able to know in what direction to take the next step. So this week I have been deciding which next step to take. I will share more about that in the coming weeks.

In other news: this is what I have been reading, watching, learning and eyeing off this week:

  • 1. Pocket!

Pocket is an App that is CHANGING my life. You know when you see an article you want to read but don’t have time to read it straight away? Or you read something that you love, but when you go back to find it, you don’t know where it is? Pocket keeps all your articles, blogs and other documents that you find in one place. You click on the link and add it to Pocket to read later at your leisure and to ensure that they are all together in one place. Also if you press audio, it will read the article audibly. So you can ‘read’ the articles while driving or working out. It is outstanding.

  • 2. Recipes

I am a condiments queen. I have found this magic grid of dressings. I will never need another dressing recipe again. Favourite dressing? Without doubt the sesame orange.

  • 3. Book

I found Dare to Lead by Brene Brown so impacting that I have been listening to it again on Audiobook and reading it again in my hard copy. Learning how to lead from vulnerability is changing my life. Please, if you are in leadership, please put it on your top priority list to read it.

Favourite quote: “People are opting out of vital conversations about diversity and inclusivity because they fear looking wrong, saying something wrong, or being wrong. Choosing our own comfort over hard conversations is the epitome of privilege, and it corrodes trust and moves us away from meaningful and lasting change.” 
― Brené Brown – Dare to lead.  

  • 4. Perfect white shoes

I want some plain white shoes. Tossing up between converse, reebok or these Vince Warren slip on sneakers.  Love to know your thoughts. I want to wear them to work. Sneakers and a dressy corporate outfit is very vogue.  

That is all from me this week.

I pray you are thriving and seizing every opportunity to learn and develop.

Learning and asking questions is foundational to reigning in life.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink: How do you guys react when your partners get speeding fines? Lots of them? Greenie is only ever a few km over, for example doing 67 in a 60 zone, but he has had a few… The last time, I acted like a very irrational human…. Not proud, but somehow it makes me so upset. Help me people.  

How do you react when your partner gets speeding fines? I would love to know.

P.S. Did you catch last weeks Four things for your personal Growth?

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