10 Healthy Recipes For You To Try!

10 Healthy Recipes for you to try!

I find that while I love the idea of being inventive and creative, I find myself cooking many of the same dishes over and over each week.

I am trying at the moment to challenge myself to incorporate at least one new recipe each week to my repertoire.

So here are some of the recipes which I will be endeavouring to try in the next few weeks.

Care to join me in my challenge?

  • Chia Pudding. This recipe from Yummy Mummy kitchen gets the ratio just right. Chia pudding has an interesting texture but mixed with berries and some extra coconut milk… MOORISH
  • Chocolate and Banana grain free bread. This looks so good it should be illegal. This counts as breakfast now and then right?
  • Lunch Box Cookies.  This is something my Sri Lankan Dad would just devour
  • 15 minute Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad. You had me at “15 minutes”.
  • Curry Roasted Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Salad. I have a growing obsession with cauliflower, and it is in season where we live. And Mark loves potato salad. So this is a win win recipe! It is also vegan for all my vegan friends.
  • Chicken Stew. I am a huge fan of this Blog and her recipes. I love the look of this!
  • Healthy Chocolate Cake. I am intrigued by this chocolate cake. It is made with beetroot with avocado included in the frosting…
  • Summer strawberry Cake. Oh I had to sneak this in even though it is far from a  healthy recipe. But there are times when you can have a treat or two. And this strawberry season calls for a little flexibility!
  • 5 a Day Pilaf. I used to make something similar to this for my meal prep business. But this looks incredible. And they have loaded it with cauliflower, beans broccoli, zucchini, carrot and nuts. Served with Greek Yogurt? Perfect for lunches.
  • One Pan Chicken Thighs with a Burst of Tomatoes, Harissa, and Feta. Oh I have to make this for my Greenie. All of his favourite things. Chicken, chilli and Feta… He would drool.

Variety is the spice of life!

I think I will be making the curry roasted cauliflower with sweet potato and the one pan Chicken thighs for Greenie.

Which recipe catches your eye to try? I would love to know.

You are dearly loved and richly cherished

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink:  We all know I will be making the not so healthy strawberry cake. And I will probably get some ice cream to eat with it. Just so you know. I am learning that having the occasional treat every now is actually healthy. Xx

P.S. 5 Recipes to Blow your mind.

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