4 Things That Are Bringing Me Joy

You know. It has been one of the hardest years for me yet this year. In amongst it all I have learned that the antidote to hard circumstances, is the ability to find joy. To see the glass half full or more. To always see hope.

Here are some of the things that have brought me joy this week.

This was the most outrageous buffet I have ever been to. I am talking desserts like out of a movie… rows and rows of the most delicious salads, every kind of cuisine you can think of. Most of all, the seafood was out of this world. All you can eat crab? Our precious friend shouted us for her birthday… Who does that? And Greenie was in absolute heaven. I think he reverted to 10 years old and ate enough to last him a lifetime.

This was my absolute favourite movie growing up (along with Aladdin). You can imagine my sheer delight to know they were doing a remake. I have been waiting for this all year. Nala is played by Beyoncé…. Need I say more? You can say that this movie brought me Joy.

  • 3. Buying Presents

Giving presents gives me so much joy. I made this Banana Bread for our favourite engaged couple who’s engagement party we sadly missed. Try this recipe, it is amazing. Got these white shoes for my precious girlfriend. Her son and I went shopping together for her… We looked at 100 different pairs, and ended up choosing the first ones we had looked at…. I made Greenie his favourite dish, Bolognese although I paired it with cauliflower mash instead of spaghetti. For Greenie? It is always the small things that mean the most. Giving is SO restorative.

My precious girlfriend gifted me this mother of pearl oil diffuser from Dusk. With it she gave me essential oils of lemon, lavender and purification from young living. Greenie and I have been burning it at night after dinner, I have it on beside me while I write, and honestly, I can’t tell you how much joy it is bringing me. It makes the house smell incredible. I should have got one years ago! If you love fragrance you absolutely have to get one of these. Seriously.

Two readers comments on the article How can I add value to your life.

Jess says:

1. What is your biggest challenge at the moment? Balancing family, work, church and relationships. The pressures and importance of all are significant. I’m continually navigating how to balance these things that are close to be heart.

2. What is your biggest goal at the moment? To be secure in who I am. That my faults and insecurities don’t define me. They may be a part of me, but that are not all that I am. I tend to over-identify with my weaknesses. I’m assuming this will be a line-long learning loop.

3. What magazine or blogs do you read regularly? Podcasts too? Yes, I hear you reply with breathless joy… Savy Psychologist and The School of Greatness are my favourites at the moment. Oprah also had one called Super Soul Conversations which I’m sure you are already aware of 

Melissa says:

1. What is your biggest challenge at the moment? To get through the self publishing process and see my book finally finished.

2. What is your biggest goal at the moment? Same as #1 but my main goal that makes my heart burn is to fulfil what God has called me to do

3. What magazine or blogs do you read regularly? I don’t read magazines but I love reading peoples blogs, helps me connect with them and they inspire me

That’s it from me this week beloveds.

When we stop to count our blessings, it is hard to stop isn’t it!

We are abundantly blessed. Every. Single. Day.

Being full of Joy is foundational to Reigning in life. Choosing Joy and contentment is a choice. It is how we view the world and where we put our focus. It has little to do with circumstance.

What is bringing you joy right now my beloved?

Comment below.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink: Oh another thing bringing me joy: The Eucalyptus spray that Greenie found at Aldi that neutralises the smell in the toilet after someone has dropped a bomb! This is huge for us as we have the toilet and shower in the same bathroom which was calling for some contention if ‘someone’ has to use the toilet while the other wants to shower. The Eucalyptus spray neutralises the smell almost immediately! I wish I had known about this a decade ago!

P.S. What are you learning this week?

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